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Senin, 16 Januari 2012

CONTOH PIDATO B. INGGRIS The Danger of Smoking Disarikan dari BelajarInggris net


The Danger of Smoking
  Disarikan dari BelajarInggris net
Good morning Everyone
The honorable the judges, the honorable my teachers, the honorable my seniors and my beloved friends . We must give thanks to our god, because of god’s blessing we can stand here until today . First of all , I would like to introduce my self. My name is ……., I sit in ………..,.
My beloved teachers and friends ,
Today I will deliver a speech about smoking entitled “Smoking is a bad habit in our lives”.
My friends,
As we know smoking is one part of the daily activities of the majority of Indonesian society. most smokers know the dangers of smoking but they never tried to stop smoking. Because that, we as the younger generation must be convinced that smoking is bad habits in life. Smoking is a bad habit because of three factors, among others:
1. Contain poison substances
2. causing diseases such as cancer.
3. expensive.
The honorable my teacher and friends,
The first factor of smoking is bad habit is contain poison substance. we should not consume cigarettes because it is not good for health. I’m sure you know there are many substances in cigarette smoke is dangerous. For the example, nicotine substance.. That substance is very dangerous and can cause various diseases. not only dangerous for smoker, it is also dangerous for us if we near the smoker. so if there is a smoker near you. Say to him or her for stubbed him/ her cigarette for a moment with good polite.
My friend,
Next, I will talk about the second factor. That is, smoking cause various diseases like cancer, disorders of pregnancy, fetal disorders, and etc. One of the factor of many Indonesian people who died were smoking. The majority is a student!! Many students who died because of smoking and drugs. It was very disappointed.! one of the young generation died with the wrong way. !
smoking habit also produces behavioral effects that are bad for the smokers. And so many the negative effect of smoking.
My beloved teacher and friends ,
Last, cigarette is expensive. Did you know?? Cigaratte price is 7-10 thousand rupiah or more than it for one pack. Can you imagine a student or a smoker spent his money to buy a pack of cigarettes every day and calculated every week, every month and every year.? If one day for buy a pack of cigarette is 8 thousands , So in one week he spent 56 thousands, in amonth he spent 240thousands and in year he spent 2.880.000 . it just one pack for a day. If 2 ,3, or 4 packs a day??? How many?? So many money , for smoking. This is cause a family got economic crisis and a student can not use his pocket money for school.
Smoking is not positive activity for us, young generation. So guys. From now, let we say “ Go Studying Stop Smoking!” . And be the best student for our country and school. I think that’s all, thank you for your attention.


Good morning Everyone
The honorable the judges, the honorable my teachers, the honorable my seniors and my beloved friends . We must give thanks to our god, because of god’s blessing we can stand here until today . First of all , I would like to introduce my self. My name is …….,
Here Id like to deliver a speech titled  SEX EDUCATION AT SCHOOL
Teenagers are the most important part of the growth of the country. They are the new generation. However there are many teenagers have been depraved. They run to drugs, commit suicide free sex, drink alcohol, smoking, etc. Those are spreading in teenagers’ life. And the most popular problem is free sex. Many teenagers think that sex before married is proper. We know that it is very bad for them. There are many bad effect of free sex. Such as, we can suffer from HIV/AIDS and then the pregnancy for the girls. It will damage their future.
Teenagers must be given sex education especially at school. The need of comprehension about human sexuality in teenagers’ life must be fulfilled. They must know about free sex life and the sex crime that often happened. They must aware about responsibility of their self. They should get much information about sexuality rightly for them. The information can be given by sex education at school. The teachers can describe sex for the students in order that the teenagers will avoid sex before married.
School is good mediator in giving sex education for the teenagers. School has good condusif situation. School and the teachers are the second circle after the family. It will be better if the teachers hold an event like seminar with a doctor as the speaker. In order that the teenagers can get sex education deeply and give them the aim of sexual activity correctly. With sex education, the teenagers will be careful in doing something about sex. Although they know about how to avoid the pregnancy, put virginity is very important for the woman. Sex before married just makes us fall into a trap. There are some aims of sex education for the teenagers. Which are they can understand that sexuality as the part of life. They also know about the consequences of un-responsible sex activity.
So, sex education is very needed for the teenagers. Starting now, sex education must be given to them. And for sure, the teenagers that fall into free sex. Drugs, alcohol, etc just a few part of many teenagers that want to study hard, and avoiding free sex.
Finally, I would like to convoy my highest appreciation. And heart felt thanks to the distinguished participants and the speakers of English speech contest today. Thank you for your kind attention, and
Wassalamuallaikum Wr.Wb


Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. Wb
Good Afternoon,
Honorable all the juries and the committee of this English speech contest.
First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who has given us many mercies and blessing so we
can join this program without any troubles. Secondly, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is ……. I am a student of …..

My titled of my speech.. Topic : Environment
Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this occasion I would like to tell you about environment.
Environment is everything around us. Environment consists of two main parts which are
biotic and a biotic environment. Biotic environment is everything around us which are
live, for example plants, animals and human beings. While a biotic environment is
everything around us which are not live, for example stone, water, wind, land and etc.
We must protect our environment as good as possible because it can influence our live.
As we know that Indonesia has many tropical forests and it is a source of nature which
can help people live peacefully. So as human being we should preserve the forest.
There are some efforts which should be done by all people:
1. Not cutting down the trees in the forest
2. Planting any kinds of trees in the barren area of the forest
Cutting down the trees in the forest can cause many disasters for human beings. Of
course it can cause flood because the rain water can’t be absorbed by the root of plants so
the water flows directly to the ground. There are many damage caused by the flood,
many people being homeless because of flood, the flood kill many kinds of pet, many
factories can’t produce anything, transportation can’t run well because the bridge is
broken and so on. How horrified the flood is…!!
Actually, the disasters above can be minimized if all of human beings can preserve our
environment and we must pay more attention to the environment whenever and
wherever. We must not throw away rubbish anywhere which can disturb the flowing of
the river water. We should plant any kinds of trees in the barren area or in side of the
By doing those simple efforts, it means we have participated in the preservation of our
I think that’s all and thank you very much for your attention.
Wassalamu ‘alaikum wr. Wb


Force of Nature
Kim Baldwin
1020 Livezey Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119
ISBN: 1933110236, $ 15.95,235 pp.

Arlene Germain

      Kim Baldwin returns with her second novel, Force of Nature, which is distinctly different from her award-winning debut work, Hunter’s Pursuit. The wonderfully entertaining Pursuit was primarily an action/thriller with the focal point being the one main character’s skill in survival at any cost. Force of Nature is action-package, has fast-paced thrilling rescue scenes, but here the author has chosen to focus her character development on the two main characters.
      Baldwin has a natural gift for creating a scene and immediately attracting the reader. Compelled by the violent tornado winds, both Gable and the reader hit that three foot wide drainpipe just in time to escape almost certain death. “It was upon her in an instant, trying to pull up her from the pipe, tugging at her with fierce determination.” The reader can feel the vacuum inside that pipe; can experience the hands sliding helplessly along the exposed legs. The reality of the situation is skillfully conveyed through the concise syntax and expert word choice.
      Force of Nature is an exciting and substantial reading experience which will long remain with the reader. Likeable characters with acceptable problems and concerns, imaginative settings, engrossing events, and a well-tailored writing style all contribute to an exceptional novel. Baldwin’s characterization is acutely and exactly circumscribed and expensive. It is indeed delighted to see a new author’s attempt and succeed in expanding her literary technique and writing style. Kim Baldwin is an author who has registered both in Force of Nature.

1.      The purpose of the text is to … Kim Baldwin’s second novel.
a.       sell
b.      evaluate
c.       inform
d.      advertise
e.       expose

2.      What is the reviewer’s judgment about the book?
a.       The book is poorly written.
b.      The story makes readers get bored.
c.       The writer uses good choices of words.
d.      The characters in the story are complicated.
e.       The book is written using a unique development technique.

3.      What does the reviewer suggest to readers?
a.       The book is exciting
b.      The book is not worth reading
c.       The book is interesting to read
d.      People should not buy the book
e.       The book is too expensive to buy.
It is indeed delighted to see a new author’s attempt and succeed in (in the last pharagraph)
The underlined word has close meaning with:
a.       dissappointed
b.      enjoyful
c.       playful
d.      bored
e.       dislike

This text is for questions …

Harrison Ford puts on the dog. He barks. He snarls. He even yips a couple times. Too bad Han Solo hasn't learned any new tricks lately.
What's most telling about Ford's bulldog performance as Jack Stanfield, a bank security expert living in a Modern Architecture dream house near Seattle, is that he spends most of his time looking over his shoulder. After watching "Firewall," you realize he's probably hunting for a new agent.
The film reeks terribly of deja vu. The clankity-clank plot, about a family held prisoners in their home by some hottie thugs while chief baddie (Paul Bettany of "Wimbledon") forces Dad to transfer $100 million into a Swiss account, is about as original as "Big Momma's House 2."
Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, and even Ford have taken this angry daddy role out for a number of spins, transforming into blustery papa bears determined to retrieve their kin from the clutches of sleazoids.
"Firewall" lowers the bar on the action genre to a subterranean level. That's due to a bone-tired script by first-timer Joe Forte and lethargic direction by Richard Loncraine ("Wimbledon"). The biggest travesty occurs in the traffic wreck of an ending, a horribly patched together affair that makes us wonder where Ford's acting talent fled to. After a string of flops, it's his career that seems most in need of rescuing.
"Firewall" actually does hint at something new, preying on our fear of identity theft.
On the plus side, the family dog is used to great effect, and Bettany does well as a slick villain, even though the role is ineptly written. Other than that, "Firewall" seems to take great pride in being bland. Even sexy Virginia Madsen, as Jack's wife, is repressed in a bleached-out role that requires nothing more of her than to constantly cling to her two kids in that lovely bed and only occasionally sass back at her boy-band-looking captors. Gee, wonder if that will come up later? In "Firewall," there are simply no surprises, except just how bad this movie really is.

  1. The writer’s intention on the text is to ….
  1. to critique a movie
  2. describe “Firewall” movie
  3. inform about “Firewall” movie
  4. entertain the reader with the story
  5. present two point of view about the “Firewall”

  1. The writer evaluate that the “Firewall” is a … movie.
a.       great
b.      tricky
c.       surprising
d.      really bad
e.       wonderful

  1. The writer suggests the reader ….
a.                                                                           to buy the movie
b.                                                                          to watch the movie
c.                                                                           to evaluate the movie
d.                                                                          not to watch the movie
e.                                                                           to agree with his critique

This text is for questions …

2002. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
      Federico and Sam are two lucky men, Federico survived an earthquake and has the power to wrench fortune from those around him; he has the gift. Sam id a survivor of the Jewish holocaust and manages a casino in the middle of a lava desert. One day Federico challenges Sam, who expels him from paradise, taking his gift from him. 
      Years later, Federico thinks that he has found in Tomas, the only survivor of an air accident, the instrument of his vengeance. By teaching him to control fortune, he can use him to return to the casino and challenge the God of fortune. Together they begin a journey of initiation, a succession of ever more strange and difficult tests in which the highest bet is the luck of others; luck, which in this game is captured in a simple photograph. Everything goes well until Sara, a policewoman who survives a car accident which kills her family, becomes obsessed with discovering what is behind these clandestine games in which death and luck become enmeshed. In which only one can remain intact.
This film is really worth watching.

7.      The purpose of the text is ….
a.       to describe a film
b.      to describe how a film is made
c.       to inform readers about a good film
d.      to entertain readers by telling a story
e.       to review a film for a public audience

8.      After reading the review, how would you judge this film?
a.       Bad
b.      Mediocre
c.       Fair
d.      Excellent
e.       Not bad

9.      What does the writer suggest to the audience?
a.       The film is forgettable.
b.      They should watch the film.
c.       They should neglect the film.
d.      They should make another film.
e.       The writer should promote the film

This text is for questions …

Bridge to Terabithia is a powerful novel by an American author, Katherine Paterson. It was first published in 1977 and has remained popular ever since. The novel is a real-life fiction that explores friendship, love, and grief telling the story of Jess Aarons and his new neighbor, Leslie Burke.
The plot is this. Jess Aarons lives on a farm with his large family. At school, he wants to be the fastest runner but is beaten by Leslie Burke, a girl! Jess and Leslie become friends and play in a make-believe land on an island in a dry creek bed that they call Terabithia. In Terabithia, Jess is strong and courageous king. One day, however, a tragedy occurs and Jess must overcome his grief and horror. Told in the third person, Bridge to Terabithia is a well-placed story in a straightforward yet thought-provoking way.
Bridge to Terabithia is a very moving novel with believable characters and a plot that keeps the reader’s interest. You feel sympathy for Jess and can understand what he has to go though emotionally. Its message of the power of friendship and the need to care about others and nature makes this a highly suitable book for teenage readers.

  1. What is the text about?
  1. Jess Aarons’ tragedy
  2. A worth reading novel
  3. An island in a dry creek bed
  4. Jess Aarons, a strong and courageous king
  5. A review of a novel entitled Bridge to Terabithia
  1. “In Terabithia, Jess is a strong and courageous king.” (par.2)
The antonym of the underlined word is …
  1. mean
  2. weak
  3. kind
  4. brave
  5. gentle
  1. Which of the following is not true about the text?
  1. Jess is actually a king
  2. The story is told in the third person
  3. The author of the novel is American
  4. Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke are the main characters
  5. The power of friendship and the need to care about others is the message of the story


This text is for questions 1 to 4

Government takes action

       The bitter strike over pay and redundancies has now lasted over 8 weeks. Shipbuilders have told their leaders to ‘fight to the end’ to stop dockyards from closing and 2,000 of their men losing their job.
       Sir Albert Pringle, chairman of British Shipbuilders, has asked Peter Arkwright, the president of the Shipbuilders’ Union, to attend a meeting next Thursday.
       Meanwhile, the Government has ordered Sir Albert to give important naval contracts to the Japanese.

  1. What is the text about?
a.       Peter Arkwright
b.      Sir Albert Pringle
c.       Shipbuilders’ strike
d.      British shipbuilders
e.       Shipbuilders’ Union

  1. The strike happened because …..
a.       the strike has lasted over 8 weeks
b.      workers wanted changes on pay and redundancies
c.       Sir Albert Pringle has attended a meeting on Thursday
d.      Sir Albert gave important naval contracts to the Japanese
e.       The shipbuilders’ leaders fought to the end to stop dockyards from closing

  1. Who asked Peter Arkwright to attend a meeting on Thursday?
a.       The strikers
b.      The Japanese
c.       The government
d.      The chairman of British Shipbuilders
e.       The president of Shipbuilders’ Union

  1. …. to attend a meeting next Thursday?
      The underlined word means …..
a.       guard
b.      look after
c.       be present
d.      accompany
e.       take care of

This text is for questions 5 to 8.

       SINGAPORE : A supervisor was jailed for two months for reportedly striking his Indonesian maid on the head and back with a television remote.
       Muhammad Shafiq Woo Abdullah was brought to court in Singapore because he had physically hurt the woman on several occasions between June and October 2002, the Straight Time said.
       The magistrate’s court heard that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti, 22, about a month after she started working for him.
       He hit her on the head with the TV sets remote control because he was unhappy with her work. On one occasion, he punched her on the back after accusing her of daydreaming.
       S.S. Dhillon, Shafiq,s lawyer, said that his client had become mad when he saw his daughter’s face covered as she was lying in bed. He said his client thought the maid had put the child in danger.

  1. The text reported …..
a.       the arrest of a supervisor
b.      the working condition in Singapore
c.       an Indonesian worker in Singapore
d.      the Indonesian workers’ condition in Singapore
e.       a crime by a Singaporean supervisor towards his maid

  1. Which one of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?
a.       A supervisor was put in jail for more than 2 months.
b.      The supervisor gave many kinds of jobs to his maid.
c.       The maid has been working for him for two months.
d.      Winarti struck the supervisor with a remote control.
e.       The supervisor hit his maid’s head with the TV remote control.

  1. ….. he physically hurt the woman …. (par. 2)
      The underlined word is close in meaning to …..
a.       cut
b.      injured
c.       offended
d.      punished
e.       damaged

  1. Why did Syafiq punch Winarti on her back?
      She was accused of …..
a.       talking much time for herself
b.      not working properly
c.       working carelessly
d.      daydreaming
e.       being lazy

This text is for questions 9 to 12.

       JAKARTA : Monday’s tsunami along the southern coast of Java has caused devastating losses that are still being counted. Traumatized survivors, many camped out in the hills that far from the shore line, are living in fear that another earthquake would trigger another wave of destruction.
       The earthquake which triggered a tsunami wiped out the beach resorts and fishing villages along the southern coast of Java. The meteorology and geophysics agency (BMG) said that the Wednesday’s earthquake measured 6.2 on the Richter Scale.
       Its epicenter was 48 kilometers below the sea level. BMG official, Weni, said that the areas on the west coast of West Java and Banten, as well as those in the south coast of Lampung, were at risk of being hit by tsunami. However, the possibility of a tsunami was quickly discounted by other agencies.

  1. The news is about …..
a.       the victims of a tsunami
b.      the possible risks of tsunamis in Banten and Lampung
c.       the tsunami in the south-western part of Indonesia
d.      the disaster caused by the tsunami in the southern coast of Java
e.       the tsunami survivors in Java

  1. The words below are associated with the suffering of the victims, EXCEPT …..
a.       fear
b.      trauma
c.       losses
d.      trigger
e.       destruction

  1. Monday’s tsunami along the southern coast of Java caused devastating losses …….. (par. 1)
      The underlined word may be replaced by …..
a.       stressful
b.      injuring
c.       destructive
d.      harming
e.       fearful

  1. Where did the tsunami happen?
a.       In Banten
b.      In Jakarta
c.       In the southern coast of Java
d.      In the south coast of Lampung
e.       In the west coast of West Java

This text is for questions 13 to16

JAKARTA (Jawa Post): PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), one of the country’s major automotive companies, is investing US $ 70 million in a new factory to be built in Karawang, Wets Java, and for expanding its factory in Sunter, North Jakarta.
Vice President Director Sudirman MR said Friday the new plant, which would occupy a 1.2 hectare property, would start in the first semester of 2007.
“With the new investment, our annual production is expected to increase by 36,000 units to 150,000 units from the current 114,000 units,” he said as quoted by Investor Daily. He said the company was also recruiting workers for 1,400 jobs.
Sudirman said his company predicted that the country’s total automobile sales, both for passengers and commercial vehicles, would reach 350,000 units in 2007.
Astra Daihatsu Motors, part of the country’s giant automobile company Astra International, expected its total sales reach 27,500 units this year, about 9,1 percent of total car sales, which are expected to reach 300,000 units.
At present, ADM operates a major factory in Sunter, North Jakarta, producing 60 units a day.
According to data issued by6 the Association of Indonesian Automotive Manufactures (Galkindo), automaker PT Astra International, which sells Daihatsu, Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota and Pe4ugeot cars, continued to hold the biggest share of the country’s car market in June with sales of 12,264 cars.

  1. What is the text about?
a.       The investment of ADM to built a new factory
b.      The sales of passenger and commercial vehicles
c.       The part of country’s giant automobile company
d.      The annual productions of automobile in the country
e.       The Association of Indonesian Automotive Manufactures

  1. How many units of automobiles does Daihatsu produce daily today?
a.       60 units
b.      27,500 units
c.       36,000 units
d.      114,000 units
e.       350,000 units

  1. What is expected with the new investment?
a.       The annual production will become greater in size
b.      Astra Daihatsu Motor will produce 60 units a day
c.       The current annual productions becomes 114,000 units
d.      The country’s total automobile sales will reach 350,000 units
e.       PT Astra International would sell Daihatsu, Isuzu, Nissan, Toyota and Peugeot

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To describe the companies producing vehicles
b.      To describe the country’s total automobile sales
c.       To inform the reader about newsworthy events
d.      To persuade the readers to buy Daihatsu automobiles
e.       To share an amusing events that Daihatsu invest US $ 70 million

This text is for questions 17 to 20

PARIS (Reuters): Lance Amstrong’s Discovery Channel Team won the team time trial of the Tour de France on Tuesday, giving the six-time champion the over all race lead. The 33-year-old American led his team to victory for the third straight year in the time trial, clocking 1 hour, 10 minutes, 40 seconds for the 67.5 kilometers trek from Tours to Blois. Team CSC placed the second, 2 seconds behind.

  1. What is the news about?
a.       The Tour de France
b.      The team in race
c.       The Discovery Channel Team
d.      The Tour de France championship
e.       The victorious team of Amstrong

  1. The 33-year-old American led his team to victory.
The closest meaning to the underlined word is …..
a.       joy
b.      defeat
c.       success
d.      conquer
e.       mastery

  1. What is the team CSC’s time?
a.       1 hour, 10 minutes, 40 seconds
b.      1 hour, 10 minutes, 42 seconds
c.       1 hour, 10 minutes, 38 seconds
d.      1 hour, 12 minutes, 40 seconds
e.       1 hour, 12 minutes, 42 seconds

  1. Which of the following is TRUE about the news?
a.       Amstrong has been a champion for the fifth time
b.      Team CSC was the champion of the race
c.       The second position team’s time was 1 hour, 10 minutes, 40 seconds
d.      Amstrong’s team won the time trial for the third straight year
e.       Lance Amstrong’s nationality is French

This text is for questions ….

Seven people were killed in a collision between a bus, a car and a truck on Jalan Sultan at 10:35 p.m. last night. The dead were all passengers of the car. The police believed the car might have been trying to overtake the bus when it was struck by a truck coming from the opposite direction. The driver of the car might not have been using his lights, as the truck driver said he did not see the car approaching.
The police said the car should not have tried to pass the bus, because overtaking is not allowed on Jalan Sultan. In addition, the police reported that the car-a small Japanese car- should not have been carrying more than five people. If the passengers had brought their identity cards, the police would have identified the names of the victims easily.

  1. The text reports …..
  1. an accident between a bus, a car and a truck
  2. police investigation on the accident
  3. an activity on Jalan Sultan at night
  4. the victims of the accident
  5. the names of the victims

  1. According to the police, the collision happened because …..
  1. one of the drivers was sleepy
  2. the bus driver didn’t see the truck
  3. Jalan Sultan was very dark at night
  4. Jalan Sultan was full of traffic last night
  5. The car driver was trying to overtake the bus

  1. “… because overtaking is not allowed on Jalan Sultan …” (par.2)
The underlined word is synonymous with …..
  1. offered
  2. ordered
  3. wanted
  4. permitted
  5. respected

  1. The source of the information is …..
  1. the driver
  2. the police
  3. the reporter
  4. the truck driver
  5. the pedestrians

This text is for questions …

Bali (Indonesia) : The island of gods – lost its innocence at around 23.15 hours on Saturday 12th October 2002, when terrorists triggered a bomb placed in front of the US Embassy. Two subsequent blasts followed, in Legian, Kuta tearing through the popular nightclubs of Paddy’s and Sari Club killing almost 200 international tourists and locals alike, with many more injured. The effect of the blasts triggered a crisis and the like which had never been seen in Bali before and indeed shocked the world.
     The tourism industry obviously was devastated. Hotel room occupancy rates, which for some properties were close to 100 percent prior to the attacks, plummeted to single-digit levels for many establishments as the mass exodus of international visitors gained momentum. Inbound air capacity was slashed, business closed and many Balinese found themselves unemployed.

25.  What does the main theme of the text tell us?
a.    The island of gods was bombed by terrorists.
b.    The effect of the bomb was a tragedy on tourism industry in Bali.
c.    All business in Bali was closed after the bomb tragedy.
d.   The tourism industry in Bali was totally devastated.
e.    The Paddy’s and Sari Club are popular in the world.

26.  The main idea of the first paragraph is….
a.    Paddy’s and Sari Club were very popular in Bali.
b.    Bali lost its innocence after the bomb blast.
c.    Almost two hundred people were killed by the Kuta bombing.
d.   The tourism industry in Bali decreased because of the tragedy.
e.    Many people were injured when the terrorists triggered a bomb in Kuta.

27.  The effect of the blast triggered in Bali was great especially on tourism industry in Bali. Business closed and many Balinese are ….
a.       killed
b.      shocked
c.       injured
d.      slashed
e.       unemployed

28.  The tourism industry in Bali was devastated. (par.2).
     The underlined word means ….
a.       destroyed
b.      developed
c.       increased
d.      fascinated
e.       improved

This text is for questions …

      A combination of the banking sector’s great potential for growth and hefty earnings obtained from the government bonds held by recapitalized banks are seen as the main factors behind the huge interest shown by investors competing for a majority stake in Bank Permata.
      At least eight consortia, dominated mostly by top foreign banks, reportedly submitted bids to acquire the country’s seventh largest bank in terms of assets.
      British banks Barclays Bank Plc., Standard Chartered Plc., Singapore’s United Overseas Bank (UOB), Australia and New Zealand-based ANZ Ltd., two Malaysian-based banks; Commerce Asset-Holding Bhd and Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank) are all included on the list of contenders.
      Barclays Bank is teaming up with Holland-based Rabobank and Bank Danamaon, while ANZ is in partnership with Bank Panin.
      On the domestic side Bank Mandiri (teaming up with Bank Buana) and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) are leading the local consortia.

29.  Thee text mainly tells us about ….
a.       the high interest of commercial bank
b.      the recapitalization of certain banks
c.       the deadline submitting preliminary bids
d.      the banks which have potential to grow
e.       the reason why huge attraction was given by top foreign banks

30.  The main idea of paragraph two is ….
a.       Foreign investors want to acquire our assets
b.      Top foreign banks will get Indonesia’s assets
c.       Eight consortia are dominated by top foreign banks
d.      Top foreign banks want to get the assets of Bank Permata.
e.       Foreign investors are dominated by Consortia

31.  Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the text?
a.       Every bank must have great potential to grow.
b.      The government recapitalized every bank in Indonesia
c.       There are eight top foreign banks included in the consortia
d.      Eight consortia try to regulate Indonesia’s largest banks.
e.       Foreign investors compete to give high interest for the loan.

32.  “….hefty earnings obtained from the government … Bank Permata.” (Paragraph 1).
      The underlined word means ….
a.       got
b.      admitted
c.       lent
d.      received
e.       overcame

33.  Based on the text, the eight top foreign banks are ….
a.       forced to help Indonesia’s banks
b.      the partners of our country’s banks
c.       offered to invest in Indonesia
d.      interested to invest in Indonesia’s certain banks
e.       reluctant to bid to get the Bank Permata’s assets

Text is for numbers …

A bomb exploded on Wednesday at the office of a far- right political party in Santona, northern Spain after a warning phone call in the name of ETA, official said.
A spokesman for police in the Basque Country said the Basque road assistance organization had received a call at 06.15 GMT from someone claiming to represent the Basque separatist guerrillas. The bomb, left in a sport bag, went off at around 07.00 GMT. 

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To describe a bomb explosion
b.      To present two points of view about bomb.
c.       To explain the process of bomb explosion
d.      To inform readers about bomb explosion
e.       To share with other an amusing story about bomb.

35.  What is the news about?
a.       Political Party
b.      A Warning Call
c.       Bomb Explosion
d.      The Basque Country
e.       The Basque Separatist Guerrillas

36.  How did the event happen?
a.       There was found sport bag with bomb in it.
b.      Police caught a separatist guerrillas set the bomb.
c.       Nobody knew there was a bomb before explosion
d.      The bomb exploded after ETA meeting.
e.       The bomb exploded after a warning call.

37.  The bomb, left in a sport bag, went off at around 07.00 GMT. 
The underlined word means ….
a.                                                                               disappear
b.                                                                              exploded
c.                                                                               stopped
d.                                                                              set off
e.                                                                               left

This text is for questions …

Fire rage across four Australian states

MELBOURNE, Jan 22 (UP) : Fire authorities in four Australian states are to control bushfires fanned by strong winds and searing temperatures.
      The Australian reported Sunday that blazes continued to burn in South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria, where up to six homes ‘have been destroyed. In South Australia, much of Adelaide is engulfed in thick smoke. The firefighters who are confronted by blast-furnace winds try to bring the flames under control.
      At Roberststown in the state’s mid-north, more than 2,500 acres have already burned. Another bushfire, started by lightning, charred the earth near Mouth Flat on the southern side of Kangaroo Island, while Ngarkat Conservation Park, in the state’s upper-southeast, is also a blaze.
      A 7,500-acres fire at Mount Agnew in Zeehan, in the state’s west, broke containment lines Saturday afternoon, jumping a road and coming close to homes.
      The most serious fires were in Victoria, where up to six homes were destroyed by a fire near the town of Anakie, 36 miles west of Melbourne.
      In Tasmania, falling temperatures and patchy rain brought some relief to firefighters, who continued to monitor 22 blazes across the state.

38.  The writer wrote the text to … readers about newsworthy events in four Australian states.
a.       entertain
b.      inform
c.       persuade
d.      amuse
e.       explain

39.  What is the text about?
a.       Fires in some areas of Australia
b.      Weather effect on fire.
c.       The effects of fire.
d.      The danger of fire.
e.       The cause of fire.

40.  The fire increasingly happened in some parts of Australia because of ….
a.       strong winds and searing temperatures
b.      falling temperature
c.       thick smoke
d.      heavy rain
e.       lightning

41.  The reporter most likely got the information from ….
a.       visitors
b.      firefighters
c.       tourists
d.      homeless people
e.       commuters

42.  “…, while Ngarkat Conservation Park, in the state’s upper-southeast, is also a blaze. (Paragraph 3)
What do the underlined words mean?
a.       dangerous
b.      covered
c.       isolated
d.      on fire
e.       at risk

This text is for questions …

BANDUNG: Thousands of people who had fled from their houses located on the slopes of smoldering Mount Gamkonora on Halmahera Island, North Maluku province, could return to their homes after the authorities downgraded the volcano’s top alert status Monday.
The Head of the Volcanology Center and Geology Disaster Mitigation Agency, Surono, said that the returning residents still could not get within three kilometers area of volcano in Ibu district, West Halmahera regency.
The alert status for the volcano was downgraded because the volcano has shown less volcanic activity. Since July 10 to July 15, only two small tectonic quakes measuring below 2 of the Richter scale were recorded in the mountain and the volcano did not burst out hot lava or other volcanic materials from its crater.
“Compared to the last Monday’s explosion, wherein the ash spewed was 4,000 above the crater, it is now only about 10 meters high”, Surono told the journalists in Bandung on Monday.
Following the volcano’s increased activity last week, which led authorities to put it in the top alert status, around 10,000 residents in Ibu district fled to safety. Most of the residents were taking shelter in South Ibu and Central Ibu districts.
Surono warned the people not to get to close to the volcano because small emissions of the smoke could throw materials from the volcano’s crater.
The 1,635 meter volcano has erupted 12 times since records have been kept. The last time ash and smoke streamed out of the volcano was in 1987. No casualties were reported.

43.  What is the text about?
a.       Thousands of people who return home to the Maluku volcano area
b.      The increasing activity of a number volcanic mountains in Maluku
c.       The reason for the downgraded alert status of Maluku volcano
d.      The Head of the Volcanology Center and Geology Disaster
e.       The increasing volcanic activity of Mount Gamkonora

44.  Which information is true according to the text?
a.       Mount Gamkonora shows more activity
b.      The authority downgraded the alert status
c.       The people from Mount Gamkonora have not returned home
d.      Two tectonic quakes measuring 5 of the Richter scale recorded
e.       The explosions only happened during Monday with ash spewing 4,000 above the crater

45.  The height of the volcano is ….. meter.
a.       10,000
b.      4,000
c.       3,987
d.      1,987
e.       1,635

Text 5
The following text is for questions 26 to 28
Illegal Medicine Destroyed
JP. Hundreds of packages of medicine and traditional herbs of various brand were confiscated and destroyed by Yogyakarta’s Food and Drugs Control officers during its joint operation with the City’s Health officers starting on Monday.
The joint operation was conducted by seven personnel at several shops and drug stores in several parts of the city.
“In the fight against unregistered medicine we’ll continue the raids,” said the head of Yogyakarta City’s Health officer, Chairul Anwar on Tuesday. Shop owners found setting the registered medicines would first be warned as they probably did not know they were selling illegal products.

46.  The news tells us about …..
A.    the joint operations conducted by the head of Yogyakarta City’s Health officers
B.     illegal medicines which were confiscated and destroyed by the officers
C.     unregistered medicines which do not harm people
D.    illegal medicines which were not prohibited
E.     Yogyakarta’s Food and Drugs Control officers

47.  Who has given the information about the joint operation?
A.    The City’s Health officers
B.     Drug user and sellers
C.     Shop owners and manufactures
D.    Yogyakarta’s Food and Drugs Control officers
E.     The Head of Yogyakarta City’s Health officer

48.  Why were the medicines destroyed?
Because they were …..
A.    illegal
B.     harmless
C.     abundant
D.    registered
E.     licensed

YONKERS, Nov.12th. A four alarm fire damaged 14 stores today in the Cross County Shopping Center, the largest shopping center in Westchester County.
Two fire investigators said the blaze apparently started in a pile of cardboard cartons at the rear of a shoe store and spread through a utilities duct above the 13 other stores. The fire started at 4.40 p.m. and was declared under control at 6.14 p.m. The center is on the Cross County Parkway at the Gov. Thomas E. Dewey Thruway.
Five fire fighters were busy at the scene. Lieut. John Carey of the Yonkers Arson Squad said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

  1. The text mainly tells us about …..
A.    the Yonkers Arson Squad
B.     the blaze at a shoe store
C.     a fire in the shopping center
D.    a shopping center in the cross country
E.     the largest shopping center in Westchester County

  1. The fire has lasted about …..
A.    half an hour
B.     forty five minutes
C.     one hour
D.    one and a half hours
E.     two hours

  1. How many investigators and fire fighters were involved in the scene?
A.    Two
B.     Seven
C.     Twelve
D.    Thirteen
E.     Fourteen