DAFTAR LABELKU (klik saja jangan ragu-ragu)

Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012


My profession is a teacher for teenagers, my obsession is  to be a successful  teacher. So I must learn from many sources among them through my senior’s advice:
  1. Praise  the teen’s effort. When you acknowledge the efforts teens are making you are conveying a positive message that setbacks are normal. Fretting sends a negative message that your teen is doing it all wrong.
  2.  Be proud of teens for trying. If you are proud of your teen for trying, they will be willing to try again.
  3. Repeat this message: "Good things are coming your way." Success depends on going for it, working hard and believing that good things are coming. Tell them over and over again: "If you keep going for it, good things will come."
  4. Tell the stories of your own defeats and what you learned from failure. There are successful people in every walk of life from sports to business to the arts and entertainment who faced defeats and found success.
  5. Use this slogan for teens: "It is OK to fail; it is not OK to give up."
  6. Help your teen focus on the lesson so that she can incorporate it into her forward action plan.
  7.   Teach them to dream. Focus on the goal and keep the dream in mind.
  8. Take it one step at a time. Point out what has already been achieved. A ladder is climbed one rung at a time.
  9. Remain optimistic, unbeat and positive. Find things to laugh about, but don't poke fun at the teen. Laughing indicates that the teen is up for challenge and already a winner