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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

THE POWER OF HAPPINESS Rewriten by MaskatnoGiri

Every human being need happiness. Really happiness is  very important to us, both as individuals and as a world, primarily because happiness is really all there is.  As human beings, although we possess cognitive abilities and are highly "thought" oriented, the quality of our lives is ultimately entirely determined by our emotions.  For example, which life would you rather have; that of a very rich, attractive, successful, healthy, powerful person who despite all of those blessings is very unhappy or that of a very poor, unattractive, unsuccessful, unhealthy and powerless person who is nevertheless fortunate enough to be very happy?

Considering happiness within the framework of good and evil, or right and wrong, we find that what is evil or wrong is only undesirable because it diminishes the happiness of an individual or group, and that what is good and right is only so because it increases the happiness of and individual or group.  In fact, British philosopher John Locke accurately defines goodness as that which creates happiness, and evil as that which creates unhappiness. 
Happiness, which includes the pleasant emotions and moods that comprise it, is really the only aspect of our lives with any ULTIMATE value.  Aristotle described it as "the highest good."  Of what value is ANY good except that it facilitates the happiness, or greater happiness, of human beings and other life on our Planet?  For the religious among us this would, of course, also include the happiness of God.  

Of what value is ANYTHING except for its utility in facilitating happiness?  A careful reflection reveals that the ONLY reason we do anything in life is to maintain or enhance our happiness and/or the happiness of others.  Freud, with his Pleasure Principle, and other psychologists with similar hedonic principles, explained our basic and strongest motivation in life as the drive to experience pleasure and to avoid pain.  Of course, as Freud pointed out with his Reality Principle, we would be unwise to indiscriminately seek pleasure at the expense of reason and experience.  Many temporal pleasures will ultimately bring individuals, and/or those around them, greater pain.  However, at times, enduring  pain is a wise or necessary way to ensure greater pleasure and happiness.

Many of us are very concerned with ethics, knowledge, beauty, love, health, productivity, peace, justice and prosperity, often forgetting that these blessings are simply and ultimately means of facilitating happiness.  Nevertheless, over the last several millennia  we have been culturally conditioned to prize these blessing and work very hard to maintain and enhance them.  The fact that as a world our happiness level is under 65 percent, however, suggests that our conventional strategies for achieving happiness are hardly effective.

Recent studies are revealing an important reason why happiness is so important to us all.  A growing body of research is demonstrating that as we become happier, we become better people.  As we become happier we become more compassionate, more creative, more energetic, more financially successful, more emotionally and physically healthy, etc.  Thus for those of us who are more concerned with creating a "better" world  than a happier world, becoming much happier and helping others become much happier may prove a very effective means to this end.  Imagine for a moment the reduction in incidents of crime in the United States if we as a country were to raise of national average happiness level from its present marginal 69 percent to 85 percent or higher. 

We share our lives with loved ones like our spouse, parents, children, and friends.  Why is happiness so important?  What better gift can we give a loved one than to help them become happy, remain happy, or become happier?  What better gift than happiness could we receive from our loved ones?  It is important to understand this essential point so that we and our loved ones do not become separated or distracted from our happiness.  As parents, for example, it is wise to teach our children to be good for their sake and for the sake of others.  If, however, we neglect to teach our children how to be very happy, we are depriving them of their greatest need and desire.

Happiness is not only important to our personal and societal lives, it is important to our global community.  Unhappiness breeds wars and terrorism.  Countries who unjustly attack other countries are doing so because they are not happy with certain international realities.  Terrorists who attack individuals and populations are deeply dissatisfied with various social, political, religious and/or economic realities.  Very happy countries would not wage unjust wars.  Very happy individuals would not commit acts of terror.

Why is happiness so important?  As individuals and as societies, happiness is both our highest goal and an extremely effective means of achieving many of our other cherished goals.  Both as individuals and as a planet, happiness is our ultimate reason for living.  Happiness is really all there is and all there ever will be; all else is only a means to happiness.


How important happiness  of mine is. Mas Katno Giri is really aware that he need happiness. Actually, up to now he feels that he is still hapyy. He is happy with his job, his family and with his society. However he could imagine that how happier if he can be a motivator for others. He is still thinking that he wants to be  an  English writer especially  for motivating  people.

Mas Katno really realizes that he needs to learn more especially in English writing. He must learn  from  qualified motivators. He often takes part in many works shop of writing. He always remembers about the advices of  his teachers:

MasKatnoGiri's teacher said : "Good morning everybody, , you are wonderful men. You have an opportunity to see me. I am considered by  all of you as  a qualified writer, it is not right. I am not a qualified as you thought before. Now I’m still learning how to be qualified.  But I always have a writing motivator, I always  remember my motivator's suggestions. He writes ‘INSPIRING  ADVICES, they are as  the following:

Think about why you want to write in English. Perhaps you think English is more popular and there are more chances for your books to become a best seller, or perhaps you have problems writing in your first language. Whatever your reasons are, if you have made up your mind that you want to write your novels, books, facts, fictions or any article in the English language, then there is nothing to worry about because a language becomes yours if you fully master the language.
Examine your current skill by doing a simple test on the internet. Search on the Internet for English literacy tests and choose one which suits your style. If you are living in country where people speak English then you must have an idea how good your English is, give yourself marks out of ten by judging your own skill in conversations and discussions. Once you have found out on which level your English stands, then find the root of your weaknesses in parts of speech such as grammar, spelling mistakes, vocabulary and most of all your style of writing. Writing mostly depends on your talent as a writer so you can easily improve your mechanics.
Make a list of things that you need to improve on. For example, if you need to improve your grammar then work out the best way to improve it. If you don't have time to join a class in your area or there is no course for your grammar needs then purchase some good English grammar books from the nearest bookshops. If you are in a condition that you can not afford to buy books then you can use the library. Also get the new editions of the Oxford English Dictionary and a thesaurus.
Make a habit to learn five new words every day using the dictionary and thesaurus. Write them in sentences using the grammar you are learning, this way you will learn the right usage of your new vocabulary. At first you might not notice your improvement but by doing this you can put new words in use and soon you will be able to see the difference.
Make a habit of listening to the news, it will improve both your English and writing abilities.
Start writing short paragraphs. Read your work and give yourself a treat by going out with friends to socialize or buy something new for yourself, this way your writing will connect to your social life.
Read lots of books, newspapers, and articles in English. This will help you convert your own writing ability into English writing ability. Reading other books will improve your writing style in English, bear in mind that you can't copy people's work, but you can always learn from reading, reading books might inspire your writing as well.
Start writing your story using grammar and spell check on the computer. Also, read your work and be your own editor, work with patience, ask your friends to read your story, get their critiques in order to improve your writing.
Talk to people who have English as their first language. This way you can learn how to write dialogue in your story.
Complete your work and decide if it is worth trying to publish. If it is, do not hesitate to send it to publishers. Do not worry about making it perfect before you send it because the publishing company has professional editors to do that for you.


Voice of Wonogiri (VoW). Rabu, 3/10/2012,  tepatnya pukul  20.00. Bapak senior kita  (Wiwin Harjanto dari SMAN 3 Wonogiri ) memberikan kata-kata yang bagusdan menginspirsi,  "Bersabarlah, semua kesuksesan besar memerlukan waktu. Percayalah, bahwa "jalan pintas" bukan menguatkan namun kelak justru menghancurkan. Yang terpenting adalah "upaya2" yang sekerasnya,karena "hasil" adalah urusan Tuhan,bukan urusan kita.

Benar memang ,  Tuhan Allah s.w.t  bersama orang-orang sabar.Sekuat apapun kita akan kalah dengan kekuatan Tuhan. Orang mungkin tak berdaya membantu kita, Namun Tuhan sangat  kuat untuk  membantu khususnya orang yang sabar.

Ternyata kata seniorku yang lain,  untuk mencapai sukses jangka panjang diperlukan sifat  lain selain sabar yakni  jujur . Jujur pada diri sendiri itu penting, apakah kita termasuk orang yang sabar dan jujur ?

Orang lain bisa dibohongi.  Orang lain dibohongi  mungkin tidak tahu, atau kadang tahu tapi cukup diam.  Namun,  diri  kita sendiri dan Tuhan jelas tidak bisa ditipu. Boleh saja  kita mengatakan kita jujur bersih, namun Tuhan tahu siapa sebenarnya kita. Tidak ada manusia yang jujur seratus persen, tapi orang yang bahagia secara hakiki hidupnya adalah orang-orang yang jujur dan sabar itu kata ustadz nya MasKatno Giri beberapa waktu lalu.
Ayo kita budayakan sifat sabar dan jujur, kita pasti mujur.