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Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Soal Bahasa Inggris Prediksi Ujian Nasional 2012

Reading Section
Text 1: for question 16

 Dear Sue,
Please accept our sympathies on your daughter's death, Linda.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
Please know that we are here for you.
 With love, Agnes, Kathy, and Bruce.                           

16. What is the message about?
A.                                                      Expressing condolences
B.                                                      Expressing happiness
C.                                                      Expressing surprise
D.                                                     Expressing prayer
E.                                                      Expressing love
Text 2 : for questions 17 – 18

Dear Peter,
Jane informed me this morning that Mr. Darta, a local importer of local electrical goods, has ordered two hundreds Electric washing machines, Model Number E7, one hundred Electric  Quickmix electric mixers, Model Number M3, fifty electric fans, Model Number F2, and twenty five air-conditioners, Model Number Ac 1. Since this is a big order, he asked for 20% discount. I'm waiting for your confirmation.


17. “Since this is a big order, he asked for 20% discount.”
Which word is not the synonym of the underlined?  
A.    Because
B.     During
C.     Due to
D.    For
E.     As
18. “Jane informed me this morning that Mr. Darta, … .” (line 1)
 What does the underlined word refer to?
A.    Messenger
B.     Mr. Darta
C.     Reader
D.    David
E.     Jane
Text 3 : for questions 19 – 20


The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association is pleased
to announce the finalists of our Ten Stories High Eighth Annual Short
Story Competition. We would like to thank each and every one of our
entrants for making our contest such an ongoing success!
We will be officially launching our latest edition of Ten Stories High
in the Mills Room at the Public Library on Saturday, September 29 from
2 to 5 p.m. This gala event will feature readings by this year's winning
contestants as well as refreshments. We will also be offering copies of
our anthology for sale at that time.
The Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association wishes to
congratulate the winners of our Ten Stories High Eighth Annual Short
Story Competition. Our top ten winners are:
First Prize
Colette Maitland
"Until Death Do We Part"
Second Prize
Ruth Taylor
"At the Corner of Petapa and Thirty-first"
Third Prize
Alison McCabe
"Until Recently"
Once again, we wish to thank all the entrants who participated in
our contest this year and congratulations to our winners!

   19. What is the announcement about?
A.      The Niagara Travel
B.      The Canadian Authors Association
C.      The Short Stories Competition
D.     The Finalist of Short Stories Competition
E.      Ten Stories
20.What is the event of the announcement ?
  1. The public library
  2. Refreshment
  3. The Canadian authors association
  4. Copies of our anthology
  5. Short stories competition
Text 3: for questions 21 – 23

Feel out of touch? Just because you’re in a taxi, on a plane, or in a line, doesn’t mean that you are cut off the world. As a business  executive, you know how important  it is to maintain communication with your office and with your clients. You know that if you aren’t talking to your customers, your competition will be
We have the solution. The portable SE-543 mini-phone fits easily into a pocket. It’s all digital, so your communication is secure. And you can plug it into any phone jack to pick up your e-mail. It has a 56.6 Kbps built in modem and 1 MB memory for storing both voice mail and e-mail messages.

Stay ahead of the pack. Stay in touch with our Se-543.

  1. Who is the advertisement aimed at?
A.    People who are lonely
B.     People who dress well
C.     People who work short hours
D.    People who communicate a lot by phone
E.     People who need the newest model of phone
  1. According to the advertisement, why is it important to be in touch?
A.    To compete with your competitors
B.     To maintain good client relations
C.     To learn about your competitors
D.    To work out a solution
E.     To use a fast modem
  1. “It’s all digital, so your communication is secure.” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word can be best replaced by … .
    1. comfortable
    2. easy
    3. safe
    4. nice
    5. free
Text 4: for question 24 - 27

            MAKASAR: Luwu Timur Police in South Sulawesi has confiscated 740 logs which they suspect cut illegally, and questioned eight people in relation to the case.
            The logs were confiscated last week in two raids as they were being transported on trucks from protected forest areas.
            Police Chief Adj. Comr. Richard Nainggolan said some of the logs were seized in protected forest areas. “The carrier did not have the necessary documents. The driver said the owner of the logs had the documents,” Richard said. “We are currently looking for the owner of the logs,”  he added.
            Richard said illegal logging was rife in the area and the police had increased the frequency their patrols.—JP.
Source:22nd September 2010<http/www.thejakartapost.cdm/news/2010/09/21/police-hunt-suspected-illegal-logging-boss-html>

24. The text is about … .
A. some trees in protected area
B. the increase of illegal logging in South Sulawesi
C. the increase of police patrols in protected forest areas
D. police investigation to hunt a suspected illegal logging boss
E. eight people questioned by the police for illegal logging cases
25. The police confiscated the logs … .
A. before the logs were sent to the factory
B. right after the logs had just been cut down
C. on the way as they were being transported on trucks
D. after the trucks bringing them passed the police office
E. while the police was conducting a regular patrol in a protected forest
26. What did the police do in relation to the case?
      A. They arranged a trap.
      B. They questioned the owner of the logs.
      C. They banned all trucks to enter forest area.
      D. They cased the truck’s drivers who brought the logs.
      E. They questioned eight people, including the truck’s driver.
27. ”Richard said illegal logging was rife in the area ….” (Last paragraph)
The underlined word means … .
A.    spread rapidly
B.     rapidly developed
C.     strongly protected
D.    reduced drastically
E.     located close to each other
Text 5 : for questions 28 -  31
Mr. Richard’s family was on vacation. They are Mr. and Mrs. Richard with two sons. They went to London. They saw their travel agent and booked their tickets. They went to the British Embassy to get visas to enter Britain. They had booked fourteen days tour. This includes travel and accommodation. They also included tours around London.
They boarded a large Boeing flight. The flight was nearly fourteen hours. On the plane the cabin crews were very friendly. They gave them news paper and magazine to read. They gave them food and drink. There was a film for their entertainment. They had a very pleasant flight. They slept part of the way.
On arrival at Heathrow Airport, they had to go to Customs and Immigration. The officers were pleasant. They checked the document carefully but their manners were very polite. Mr. Richard and his family collected their bags and went to London Welcome Desk. They arranged the transfer to a hotel.
The hotel was a well-known four-star hotel. The room had perfect view of the park. The room had its own bathroom and toilet. Instead of keys for the room, they inserted a key-card to open the door. On the third floor, there was a restaurant serving Asian and European food. They had variety of food.
The two week in London went by fast. At the end of the 14-day, they were quite tired but they felt very happy.

28. Which one is not the facility in the hotel where Mr. Richard stayed?
A.      Bathroom and toilet
B.      Perfect view of the park
C.      A key-card to open the door
D.     Newspaper and magazine to read
E.      Restaurant of European and Asian food.
29. The main idea of the second paragraph is … .
A. they had variety of food.
B. they slept part of the way.
C. they had a very pleasant flight.
D. Mr. Richard’s family was on vacation.
E. they also included tours around London.
30. How was the service got by the Richards in their vacation?
A.    It was free of charge
B.     It was disappointed
C.     It was bad
D.    It was terrible
E.     It was satisfied.
31. “They checked the document carefully but their manners were very polite.” (paragraph 3).
      The underlined word means … .
A. matters
B. opinion
C. behavior
D. position
E. feelings    
Text : for question 32 - 36
A Brief Summary of Speech Production
Speech production is made possible by the specialized movements of our vocal organs that generate speech sounds waves.
Like all sound production, speech production requires a source of energy. The source of energy for speech production is the steady stream of air that comes from the lungs as we exhale. When we breathe normally, the air steam is inaudible. To become audible, the air stream must vibrate rapidly. The vocal cords cause that air stream to vibrate.
As we talk, the vocal cords open and close rapidly, chopping up the steady air stream into a series of puffs. These puffs are heard as a buzz. But this buzz is still not speech.
To produce speech sounds, the vocal tract must change shape. During speech we continually alter the shape of the vocal tract by moving the tongue and lips, etc. these movements change the acoustic properties of the vocal tract, which in turn produce the different sounds of speech.

32. What does speech production need?
A.      Speech sound waves
B.      Steady stream of air
C.      A source of energy
D.     The vocal cord
E.      Speech sounds
33. What does the text mainly tell us about?
A.      The process of making speech production
B.      How to generate speech sounds waves
C.      The movement of our vocal organs
D.     What we need to produce sounds
E.      The air stream is inaudible
34. What does it happen if we breathe normally?
A.      The air steam  runs
B.      The air stream  is in normal
C.      The air steam  can  be heard
D.     The air steam  can not be heard
E.      The movement of air steam run slowly
35. What makes the our stream vibrate?
A.      The air we exhale
B.      A series of puffs
C.      The vocal cords
D.     The puffs
E.      A buzz
36. . “Like all sound production speech production requires a source of energy”.
What does the underlined word mean?
A.      Wears
B.      Needs
C.      Uses
D.     Produces
E.      Utilizes
Text: for questions 37 – 39
Have your say!
            Each month in Have your say! We ask you to tell us what you think on an important science and technology issue. This month’s issue is : Should we be spending millions on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)? We had a terrific response, with readers divided equally on the question. Have you made up your mind yet?
            I definitely believe that we should be spending millions looking for extraterrestrials. I know some people think it is a waste of money because there are many things on your own planet we could spend the money on, but I do not think that this stop our question for knowledge. Here are my arguments.
            Firstly, if there is another kind of form out there, we need to know about it. Imagine what would happen if aliens just suddenly arrived on Earth and we were not prepared for them. It would be a disaster, even if they did not mean to hurt us. The film E.T : The Extra- Terrestrial shows how things could go wrong. The only way to be prepared for contact with aliens is to find them first.
            Secondly, if we find life on another planet it might help the human species survive. For example, if Earth becomes impossible to live on because of global warming, the hole in the ozone layer or some other environmental problem, we might be able to go to that planet to live.
            Thirdly, finding life on another planet might make humans behave better. It might make us be nicer to each other because we would see we were all part of the one species. We would also have to stop believing that the universe was ours, and this might make us take better care of our own planet.
            To sum up, I think we should spend as much money as we can on searching for extraterrestrial for the good of all human. Beside, I think there must be something out there and I would really like to know what it is and where it is. Wouldn’t you?

37. What is the text about?
A.   Preparing for contact with aliens
B.    Spending million dollars.
C.   Surviving human beings
D.   Saving million dollars.
E.    Searching something.
38. It is important for us to waste much money for the following, except ....
A.                                       helping the human species survive
B.                                        making humans behave better
C.                                       looking for extraterrestrials
D.                                       contacting with aliens
E.                                        saving our money
39. “ ... spend as much money as we can on searching for extraterrestrial ...”. (par.6)
     The underlined word has the same meaning with ....
A.    discovering for
B.     finding for
C.     looking at
D.    taking for
E.     looking for
Text 8: for questions 40 - 41
Continued progress in advanced technology is not necessary. Already the technical progress in our world has caused severe pollution in the air and in the water. Although the technical progress in previous years has been helpful, recent technology has significantly increased pollution.
Another reason to stop technical progress is that many inventions which were developed for good causes are now also used for powerful weapons or have been found to have serious side effects. For example, pesticide put inside particle board to prevent termites has now been found to be toxic to human life.
Technology does not always bring good effects; for example, computers do much work faster than man, but then man loses his job to a machine.  Because no man can guarantee that technology will have only good effects and will be used only for the benefit of man, we should delay the continued development of technology.

40. The author’s purpose in writing this paragraph is …
A.                            To make people implement advanced technology
B.                             To describe pollution caused by advanced technology
C.                             To have people stop developing advanced technology
D.                            To explain what further inventions in technology should be made
E.                             To show how advantageous advanced technology is for human being
41. Advanced technology has made people’s lives more comfortable, nevertheless … .
A.                            it is useful and beneficial to people
B.                             many people are no longer unemployed
C.                             it is causing a lot of damage to the environment
D.                            it help people to kill termites through pesticides
E.                             many inventions were developed for good causes
Text 9: for questions 42 – 45
Before deciding whether watching television is a waste of time, it is important to look at both sides of the argument.
There are many good things about television. There are shows that give us information for improving our houses such as “Better Homes and Gardens”. Another thing is that television is instructive because of the news. Another thing is shows such as “A Current Affair” and “Sixty Minutes”. They give us good information about what is going on in the world. Another thing to support the view that television is not a waste of time is Channel 2. It has lots of educational programs. Another thing is that shows such as “The Great Outdoor” and “Getaway” teach us about nice places to travel to. Another thing is shows such as “Play School” and “Sesame Street” that help teach young children how to count and read. Another thing is that Professor Smith said television has helped us to learn more about the world than any other invention.
There are reasons for saying watching television is a waste of time. Professor Nguyen has said that if people read as much as they watch television, they would learn ten times as much. Another thing is that watching television makes us lazy. When we are sitting watching television we are not doing anything useful. Another thing is the hopeless shows on television such as “Melrose Place” and Baywatch”. These teach us nothing and just waste our time.
It can be seen that there are two sides to this discussion. After looking at both, I think watching television is not a waste of time.

42.What is the main idea of paragraph two?
  1. The benefits of watching TV
  2. The disadvantages of watching TV
  3. TV has lots of educational programs
  4. There are many good things about TV
  5. TV helps the children to read and count
43.What is the purpose of the text?
  1. To critique the TV programs
  2. To present the TV programs
  3. To describe the important of  TV
  4. To inform some kinds of TV programs
  5. To present the arguments about TV Programs
44.The word ‘instructive’ in line 4 means …….
  1. Giving available information
  2. Giving hard instruction
  3. Giving new program
  4. Giving good shows
  5. Giving lots news
45.Which one of the TV program containing negative influence for watcher?
  1. Better Homes and Gardens
  2. The Great Outdoor
  3. Sesame Street
  4. Melrose Place
  5. Play School
Text 10 : for questions 46 –50

              Artist             : BLUE OCTOBER
            Album             : Foiled
            Genre              : Rocks
Cool Tracks     : “Hate Me,” Congratulations,” “Let it Go”
Label               : UMI

What do you say to a love song that contains an f-word? Vulgar? Inappropriate? Somehow, BLUE OCTOBER can convey the gloomy mood perfectly in such song “Hate me.” You will appreciate the depth of the lyrics, as they sound great and have truly something to say. This band is headed by brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld. Justin is the vocalist with is smiliar to  Michael Hutchence’s of INXS. Jeremy handles the drums. CB Hudson and Matt Noversky play the guitar and bas, respectively. Listening further to other songs, you will realize they will go to any length to make the songs sound unique. There is wailing sound ala LINJIN PARK, Britpop influence ala PULP, choir-like background vocal, emotional lyrics, solo violin, and some disco beat here and there. In “Congratulations,” a female voice (by singer Imogen Heap) gives a refreshingly different color. Overall, the songs on this album are very cool to listen to and analyze. Try this album, and you won’t get foiled.

46..The text is a review of a / an … 
A.    art
B.     play
C.     book
D.    album
E.     movie
47.What is the purpose of the text?
  1. To critique an art work
  2. To inform about an album
  3. To entertain the reader with the story
  4. To present two point of view about an rock album
  5. To persuade the reader that to buy an rock album
48. How many people in Blue October?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
E. 6
49. Which of the following is  not true according to the text ?
A.    The songs on this album are very cool.
B.     The songs on this album are inappropriate.
C.     The songs on this album have unique sounds.
D.    The songs on this album have wailing sounds.
E.     The songs on this album will give you different color.
50. BLUE OCTOBER can convey the gloomy  mood perfectly in a song “Hate me”.     The underlined word is opposite to … .
A.    sad
B.     angry
C.     emotional
D.    gorgeous
E.     cheerful