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Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


Cigarettes, Smokers and Smoking
       Smoking is a bad habit that is very hard to break. Smokers are everywhere. Many people smoke just to socialize, but many others are too addicted to quit.
       A cigarette is like a toxin hypermarket. You can find many kinds of toxin in it : acetone, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and toluene. The tar itself contains more than 43 substances that can cause cancer. Scientists say that when we are smoking, we put more than 4,000 kinds of toxic materials into our body.
       However, many smokers believe that a cigarette with a low tar is less dangerous. And so is a filtered cigarette. But the problem is one cigarette is never enough for the addicted smokers.
       Another myth about smoking is that it cannot only make them awake but also raise their inspiration. This is contrary to the findings of a research in California which show that smoker’s ability to think is lower than that of non-smokers.
       Smoking is indeed a serious social problem in our country. The government keeps reminding that smoking is dangerous, not only for the smokers themselves, but also for other people in the surroundings (passive smokers). But the warnings do not seem to get any response.

  1. The text discusses about …..
A.     addicted smokers
B.     the kinds of cigarettes
C.     the danger of smoking
D.     the benefit of cigarettes
E.      the chemical substances in the cigarette

  1. One myth about smoking is …..
A.     cigarette consists of toxic
B.     it decreases the thinking ability
C.     smoking makes people stronger
D.     inspiration comes after smoking cigarettes
E.      smoking disturbs blood circulation to brain

  1. The text suggests that …..
A.     a cigarette with low tar is healthier
B.     smoking is dangerous for people’s health
C.     there is not any nicotine in low tar cigarette
D.     low tar cigarettes are free from carbon monoxide
E.      smoking many cigarettes with low tar is economical

  1. “….. but many others are too addicted to quit.” (par. 1)
The word addicted means …..
a.       lazy to do something
b.      worried to do something
c.       unable to stop something
d.      reluctant to do something
e.       willing to stop something

This text is for questions 5-8

       Two students were discussing the school’s new rule that all the students must wear a cap and a tie. One of them showed her annoyance. She said that wearing a cap and a tie was only suitable for a flag rising ceremony. So, she was against the rule. Contrary to the girl’s opinion, the other student was glad with it. He said that he didn’t mind with the new rule because wearing a cap and a tie will make the students look great and like real educated persons. The first student gave the reasons that they would feel uncomfortable and hot. Moreover, the classrooms were not air conditioned. The second said it wasn’t a big problem. He was sure that the students would wear them proudly. They would surely be used to it any way.

  1. The two students are discussing …..
a.       the facilities in school
b.      their homework
c.       their uniform
d.      their friends
e.       their family

  1. The boy said that he agreed with the new rule in his school.
Which statement shows his agreement?
a.       He was not annoyed.
b.      He would not obey the rule.
c.       He didn’t care of the rule.
d.      He didn’t like wearing a cap and a tie.
e.       He didn’t mind wearing a cap and a tie.

  1. The boy believed that all students would …..
a.       have a high spirit to study
b.      solve their own problems
c.       care for their environment
d.      follow the new rule
e.       feel uncomfortable

  1. “One of them showed her annoyance …..” (line 2)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …..
a.       responsibility
b.      displeasure
c.       agreement
d.      applause
e.       response

This text is for questions 9-12

       Comics encourage children to read. We find that comics are not bad at all. Instead, it is positively influencing the reading habits.
       There is no evidence of the common prejudice against comics. It is quite normal for children to look at comics when they are still too young to read. The combination of image and short texts in a comic is ideal for children learning to read and does not deter them from reading at a later stage. Even teenagers who still read comics need not to be losers. Comics are now passed on from generation to generation and we have not seen any sign that the text is becoming more hollow.
But there are huge quality differences between comics. Some have really complex texts while others the dialogues are very fast. The reading researchers recommend that adult should watch what comics their children learn.
An expert in literature for children says that, if children want comics, it is not a problem. Children first look at the pictures then at the words. Therefore, their reading habit will increase.

  1. The text argues that …..
a.       comics have bad influence
b.      comics are dangerous for children
c.       comics encourage children to read
d.      comics are not always worth reading
e.       comics have important role from generation to generation

  1. Which of the following is the opinion of an expert in children literature?
a.       Comics are harmful.
b.      Comics are not good to read.
c.       Comics help children to think critically.
d.      Comics are read from generation to generation.
e.       Comics help children improve their reading habit.

  1. Which is suggested by ‘reading researchers’?
a.       Adult should be free from prejudice.
b.      Adult should make children read comics.
c.       Adult should select the comics read by their children.
d.      Adult should increase the children’s habit from reading.
e.       Adult should spoil the children’s habit of reading comics.

  1. “There is no evidence of the common prejudice against comics.” (par. 2)
The underlined word is close in meaning with …..
a.       misjudgment
b.      disagreement
c.       agreement
d.      refusal
e.       view

This text is for questions 13-16

Working in the hospital isn’t always enjoyable. Some days nothing goes right and then it’s very frustrating.
Working with older people is much more difficult. They take much longer to get better. A lot of older patients don’t want to leave hospital at all. They feel safe there and they have lots of friends. When they go home, they feel very lonely. They miss their friends. Sometimes nurses go and visit them at home when they can. But it’s hard to get the time. It causes that some of them will never really get well again. Every nurse feels sorry for them but they can’t show them how they feel. They have to be cheerful and do what they can. Nurses always try to do their best for all the patients.
Thus nurses should be creative to develop amusing and enjoyable environment in order to help patients recover from their illness.

  1. What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To advice readers to be careful with their illness.
b.      To persuade readers how to be a good nurse.
c.       To inform readers how to be a nurse.
d.      To share a problem with readers.
e.       To describe a nurse’s job.

  1. When nurses are on duty, they sometimes feel frustrated because …..
a.       they feel very lonely all the time
b.      they should do all their best at all times
c.       they always work with older people
d.      their jobs don’t always run smoothly
e.       they have to visit their patients

  1. What is the problem faced by nurses?
a.       Older patients fell happy in the hospital
b.      Older patients have lots of friends
c.       A lot of older patients feel safe in the hospital
d.      Some older patients get worse when they are at home
e.       Nurses are asked to go and visit patients at home

  1. The writer suggests that the nurses should …..
a.       be creative to develop enjoyable environment
b.      send the patients home as soon as they are recovered
c.       let the patients be with their family
d.      know the patients’ health
e.       make a lot of friends

This text is for questions …..

Nowadays the system of payment gradually changes. People start t o use debit cards instead of cash to make payment. However, there are still arguments about the use of debit cards as a method of payment.
Well, if you use the card, you will say that the card is so practical. You don’t need to count meticulously how much you should pay. When paying using cash, people are afraid of making mistakes in counting the banknote for both the payment and the change. With debit card, the mistake is made smaller.
Moreover you should know that debit cards are safer than money. Suppose you bring a lot of money when traveling. If it was lost or stolen, you would be left with nothing in your hands. However, if you brought a debit card, you could just phone the bank which issues the card to block it.
On the other hand, people who disagree on the use of debit card will say that its use is so limited. When you buy something in a traditional market, or a vendor, for example, can you pay using debit card? Of course not.
Another thing is that, if you want to use the card, you should make a purchase at minimum amount. If you make less than the minimum transaction, you cannot make use of the card.
Now, after you know these facts, will you use the card? Yes, you can use it, but remember to bring cash in your purse, just in case.

  1. What is the topic of the first paragraph?
a.       The changes of the system of payment
b.      Making payment by using debit cards
c.       The beginning of the use of debit cards
d.      The different arguments about the use of debit cards
e.       The advice to use cards as a method of payment

  1. Some people don’t approve the use of debit cards because …..
a.       It is practical
b.      It minimizes the mistakes in counting
c.       It is safer that money when traveling
d.      It can’t be used to pay something in a vendor
e.       It is not necessary to count the money meticulously

  1. Which is TRUE about the text?
a.       The text presents the pros and cons of the issues
b.      The arguments presented are only the positive ones
c.       The writer convinces the readers to use debit cards
d.      The text is meant to persuade the readers to do something
e.       The last paragraph shows that the writer takes the negative side

  1. ….for both the payment and the change. (par.2)
What is the suitable meaning of the underlined word?
a.       alteration or modification
b.      the balance of money returned
c.       a different of fresh set of clothing
d.      the replacing of one thing for another
e.       the act, process, or result of changing

This text is for questions …..

The government has just published a report which suggests that television is partly responsible for the serious increase in crime over the last two years. The exposure of violence or pornography harmfully effect on children.
Many people who are alive today know what is like to live in a world without TV. TV as we know is only about forty years old. Yet it is so much a part of our lives that it seems as if it had always existed.
Some people think that the years before the invention of TV were a better time. They claim that families talked more and did more things together. More books were read. People used their imagination more fully. People got more outdoor exercises.
But others disagree. They claim that TV is a powerful educational tool. It informs us of what is going on in the world, from famine in Africa to a local politics and fashion. It helps us understand how people live, work and struggle.
TV is credited with being a great teacher, but it is also blamed for the poor reading and writing skills of our population. TV gets praised for helping us understand the people of the world. But it has been accused of helping to destroy family life. TV keeps us informed about the political issues of the day.
Experts will probably continue to argue about TV’s value. But everyone agree that it is one of the most significant inventions of the twentieth century.

  1. The writer wants to tell …..
a.       the development of TV
b.      the advantages of TV program
c.       how TV destroys people’s life
d.      how TV improves people’s knowledge
e.       the influence of TV on people’s daily life

  1. Many people claim that TV is a powerful educational tool.
From this statement we know that they ….. with the existence of TV.
a.       love
b.      agree
c.       prefer
d.      satisfy
e.       choose

  1. ….. what is going on the world, from famine in Africa ….. (par.4)
The underlined word means lack of …..
a.       food
b.      water
c.       nutrient
d.      education
e.       entertainment

  1. Which of the following is good for children in watching TV?
a.       Children should watch the violence on TV
b.      Children may watch TV whenever they like
c.       There should not be censorship of TV program
d.      Children should spend all their time to watch TV
e.       Children should be accompanied by their parents in watching TV

This text is for questions
The research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore indicates that mice maybe the culprits behind an epidemic of childhood.
The team found that 95 percent of all homes examined in two New York districts and six others in the United States cities had evidence of mice in at least one room.
In Baltimore, allergy triggers in the form of mouse urine and skin flakes were found in every single home visited. Eighteen percent of the children in these homes were allergic to mice and these tended to have a more severe form of asthma.
The team took samples from homes in the Bronx and east Harlem in New York as well as in Washington DC, St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit.
For a long time mice were not suspected of triggering allergies in the home. “Now we know that houses are full of them, and we were surprised that mice turned out to be even more important in inner-city asthma than cats, dogs, or dust mites,” said Dr. Robert Wood of Johns Hopkins.

  1. According to the text …..
a.       asthma was a dangerous allergy
b.      one in four children was allergic to mice
c.       the team found that mice were allergy triggers
d.      mice were found in every house in New York
e.       mice were not suspected of triggering allergies

  1. In how many cities did the team study the epidemic?
a.       2
b.      5
c.       6
d.      7
e.       8

  1. The team found that ….. had evidence of mice.
a.       all homes in Baltimore
b.      all homes in the Bronx
c.       95% of all rooms in the homes
d.      all rooms of all houses examined
e.       at least one room of the homes examined

  1. ….. mice turned out to be more important ….. (par.5)
The words underlined might be replaced by …..
a.       proved
b.      became
c.       caused
d.      began
e.       made

This text is for questions…

     Yesterday we discussed the problem of rising prices, or, in the economist’s terms, inflation. We noted that during the periods of inflation, all prices and incomes do not rise at the same rate. Some incomes rise more slowly than the cost of living, and a few do not rise at all. Other incomes rise more rapidly than the cost of living.
     We concluded that persons with fixed incomes, as, for example, the elderly who depend upon pensions, and persons with slow-rising incomes as, for example, an employee with a salary agreed to in a long-term contract, will be most seriously affected by inflation. Please recall that while their dollar in comes stay the same, the cost of goods and services rises, and in effect, real incomes decreases, that is, they are able to purchase less with the same amount of money.
     We also talked about the fact that stockholders and persons with business interests and investment would probably benefit most from inflation, since high prices would increase sales receipts, and profits would likely rise faster than the cost of living.

29.  The passage is mainly talking about….
a.       the concept of inflation
b.      the effects of inflation
c.       the cause of inflation
d.      the benefits of rising prices
e.       the problems of rising prices

30.  According to the passage, inflation is ….
a.       rising prices
b.      rising incomes
c.       decreasing incomes
d.      rising cost of living
e.       increasing receipt

31.  Persons who get benefits from inflation is ….
a.       persons with a long term contract
b.      persons with slow rising incomes
c.       persons who depend upon pensions
d.      persons who own business
e.       persons with fixed incomes

32.  “Please recall that while dollar incomes stay the same….”(paragraph 2)
            ‘Recall’ is closest in meaning to ….
a.       discuss
b.      think
c.        remind
d.      suggest
e.       remember
33.  When income rises more slowly than the cost of living … happened.
a.       the increase of dollar income
b.      the rising of good service
c.       the rising of cost of living
d.      the rising rate of dollar
e.       the decrease of real incomes


Nowadays, many people have realized that agriculture is much more important than as the supporting tools in economic development. In Indonesia, agriculture should be the priority of development because of some good reasons.
First of all, the agriculture’s contribution in the beginning of the development is highest among the other sectors. At present, almost half of total Indonesian labours are working in agriculture sector, but the contribution of agriculture sector does not reach 30 percent.
Second, agriculture sector is expected to fulfil the need of food in a country. As the number of population increase in an alarming rate each year, food supply must also increase. But in developing countries, food production and agricultural production per capita never increase more than one percent each year, and in some extreme case, it even stagnant.
Last but not least, without agricultural development, the growth of industrial sector will be hampered because the growth that comes from industry will bring a wider gap into the internal economy in that country. In turn, this gap will create serious poverty problem, wider inequality of income distribution, and increase unemployment.
Based on the above discussion, it is obvious that the government should put agriculture as the priority of national development.
Adapted from: www.nodai.ac.jp

16.   How many arguments stated in the text?
a.       One
b.      Two
c.       Three
d.      Four
e.      Five
17.   What is the further effect if there is only poor development of agriculture?
a.       Half of total Indonesian labors will work in agriculture sector
b.      The contribution of agriculture sector does not reach 30 percent.
c.       It will create serious poverty problem, wider inequality of income distribution, and increase unemployment.
d.      The agriculture’s contribution in the beginning of the development is highest among the other sectors.
e.      Food production and agricultural production per capita never increase more than one percent each year, and in some extreme case, it even stagnant.
18.   Based on the above discussion, it is obvious that the government should put agriculture as the priority of national development.
The similar meaning with the word priority on the sentence above is … .
a.       property
b.      consequence
c.       high result
d.      importance
e.      main concern

For some people, human cloning is acceptable in medicine in spite of the criticism that it is unnatural. For example, human tissue can be cloned for use in organ replacement or gene therapy. Also, organs provided by human clones could be 100 % donor compatible although organs provided in other ways might not be as successful. Moreover, couples who can’t have children might be able to clone a child from themselves.
On the other hand, there are many arguments against cloning. Whereas many people saw the cloning of a sheep as a major breakthrough, now they have to face the fact that the sheep is no longer alive. Thus, scientists have no idea of the long term effects of genetic engineering. Although organs from cloned animals could be transplanted into humans, the risk of health is enormous, and some people find the idea repulsive.
Source: The New Opportunity by Longman (Upper Intermediate)

36. The purpose of the text is to……
  1. discuss with the readers the idea of cloning from different point of views
  2. explain to the readers that cloning can be taken from human and animals organs.
  3. review the case of cloning which gave the risk of health for human
  4. persuade readers that cloning is a case that can bring some problems in our lives
  5. describe to the readers how complicated problems brought by cloning

37. “……….,the risk of health is enormous,……….” (The last paragraph)
      What is the synonym of the underlined word?
  1. Small
  2. little
  3. Massive
  4. Excellent
  5. Dreadful
38. Which statement shows the argument “for”?
  1. Cloning can influence human health.
  2. Cloning can be considered as the part of genetic engineering.
  3. Cloning can create a major breakthrough and it can be long lasting.
  4. Cloning can make something longer alive.
  5. Cloning can help people to have children.

Why are Diazinon and Dursband should be Banned
Diazinon and dursban are chemicals used on lawns, gardens, agricultural crops and livestock as an insecticide or nematocide (for worms). They are banned for several good reasons.
Firstly, they cause nausea, dizziness, burning sensations, headaches, blurred visions, stomach and muscle cramps, twitching, diarrhea, aching joints, disorientation and an inability to concentrate.
Secondly, these chemicals cause human and animal birth defects in many
areas of the human body including the brain, nervous system, teeth, eyes, ears, nipples and genitals. They can also cause profound growth and mental retardation when pregnant mothers are exposed. This may affect on lower birth weights of infants if mothers are exposed before and during pregnancy, and this is associated with lower IQs.
Finally, residues, of course, are on some foods--up to 14 days on lettuce, for example--and the chemical also seeps into the nearby water.
Therefore, the government must be urged to keep the safety factor of pesticides paramount in their thinking. Children are so much more sensitive than adults to the toxic effects of chemicals.

22. What does the text discuss?
a. Why farmers should use diazinon and dursban.
b. Why worms are resistant to diazinon and dursban.
c. Why pests can be removed fast and effectively by using diazinon and dursban.
d. Why farmers choose diazinon and dursban instead of other pesticides.
e. Why diazinon and dursban are banned.
23. Why are Diazinon and dursban are banned? Because ....
a. they are very expensive.
b. the government can no longer subsidize farmers with diazinon and dursban.
c. they can remove pests fast and effectively.
d. they are dangerous to human health and other animals.
e. they may benefit the farmers a lot.
24. What would happen if a pregnant mother is exposed to diazinon or dursban?
a. It may effect on their nervous system.
b. It may cause lower birth weight and lower IQs of the baby.
c. It may cause a terrible headache.
d. It may effect on its eyes, ears, and teeth.
e. This may increase its weight and IQs.
25.. What does the writer suggest that the government should do?
a. allow farmers to use diazinon and dursban.
b. help the victims of diazinon and dursban.
c. ban the use of diazinon and dursban.
d. immunize children regularly.
e. subsidize farmers with safe pesticides.
26. “Children are so much more sensitive than adults to the toxic effects of chemicals.” What
does the statement mean?
a. We should protect our children from dangerous chemicals.
b. Children are resistant to several chemicals.
c. Parents should not be worried about their children’s health.
d. The government should pay more attention to adults than to children.
e. Children have greater immunity than adults