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Kamis, 05 September 2013

Easy Understandable English-- Donald Trump-The Key of Success-

Donald Trump is one of America’s most  successful  business  magnates .  He  operates several  companies  all over the world.  His  assets  are worth a total of about $3  billion .  Now Donald Trump has  announced  that he might become a  candidate  for the presidency .

When he was in his twenties Trump  developed  into a  tycoon  who built large buildings like Trump Tower in New York.  He and his wife Ivana became  celebrities  in the Big Apple.  Towards  the end of the 1980s Trump got into financial  difficulties  and almost became  bankrupt . It was during this period that his first  marriage  ended.

Nevertheless   Donald Trump fought back. With the help of banks he  managed  to pay back most of his  debt . He sold off some of his buildings and started   a comeback towards the end of the 1990s.
Today Trump is married to his third wife and back  in business  again. His three children are  executives  in his financial  empire . In the last few years Trump has built hotels, holiday  resorts  and golf courses all over the world. Trump World Tower, finished in 2001, is a  luxury  apartment building in the middle of Manhattan.   Every year he  organizes the Miss Universe  beauty contest .

One  key  to  success  is how Donald Trump  deals with  the  media . He wrote his autobiography  The Art of the Deal  at a very early age, before the financial crisis. He is a big celebrity   and has  appeared  on TV  series  more than once. Some years ago he started producing   his own  reality show ,  The Apprentice . Another reason for Donald Trump’s long-lasting   success is that he knows how to make money out of his name. But many of his friends say his real  goal  is not money but being famous.

    admit   = to say that you have done something wrong
    announce   = say officially
    appear   = show
    apprentice   = someone who works for a person in order to learn new things
    asset   = all the things a company owns, which can be sold to pay bills
    bankrupt   = without enough money to pay what you owe
    beauty contest   = an event in which men and women are judged by the way they look
    candidate   = here: someone who wants to become president
    celebrity   = famous person  who is in the media very often
    company   = firm, business
    deal with   = manage, work with
    debt   = the money that you must pay back others
    develop   = grow
    difficulty   = problem
    empire   = group of organizations controlled by one person
    executive   = manager in an organization; a person who makes big decisions
    expand   = grow
    goal   = aim
    grave   = very bad
    in business   = here: successful
    key   = answer
    long-lasting   = to last for a long time
    luxury   =very expensive
    magnate   = rich and powerful businessperson
    manage   = to do something difficult
    marriage   = the relationship between two people who are married
    media   = TV, radio and newspapers
    nevertheless   = however, even so
    operate   = own
    organize   = carry out
    presidency   = the office or job of the American president
    produce   = make
    rate   = speed
    reality show   = television show that is about real people and what they do
    resort   = place where people go for holidays
    series   = television program that is broadcast every week with the same characters
    success   = become famous and rich
    successful   = to make a lot of money
    towards   = near
    tycoon   = rich and powerful businessperson