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Senin, 23 Januari 2012

English Expressions represented by MasKatno Giri

Ø  Self introduction
·         Hello, My name is Hani
·         Hi. I’m  Hani
·         Good morning. My name is  Hani
·         How do you do? My name is hani
·         Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hani
·         I would like to introduce myself. My name is aniH
Ø  Introducing someone to someone else
Rossa                    : Diana, I’d like to introduce  you to my su[ervisor, Mr. Setyo
Diana                     : How do you do, Mr. Setyo ?
Mr. Setyawan         : How do you do Diana?

Rossa                    : Diana, allow me to introduce you to Uncle David from England.
Diana                     : I’m very pleased to meet you, Uncle David.
Unle David          : I’m very pleased to meet you too, Diana.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Emma                   :  . . . . .
Melany                 :  Hello, I’m Melany
a.       How do you do?
b.      How are you?
c.       Nice to see you.
d.      Hi. I’m Emma.
e.      Pleased to meet you
Jawaban              : D 
Pembahasan      : emma memperkenalkan diri pada MelanyDengan menyapa dan menyebutkan namanya “Hi, I’m Emma. Jadi jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan D
Ø  Expressing sympathy
We offer our condolences when something bad has happened to someone else.
·         I am sorry
·         I am very sorry to hear about your father
·         I am very sorry that your cat died
·         I feel sorry for your lost
·         Please accept my sympathy
·         Let me offer my condolences
·         Let me tell you how sorry I am to hear about your brother
Ø  Responding to condolences
·         Thank you
·         That’s very kind of you
·         That’s how it should be
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Rosi                        : I heard your grandmother is ill now
Dina                       : yes, she is. She has been in the hospital for almost one week
Rosa                      :  . . . . .
Dina                       : thank you, she is getting better now
a.       It’s terrible.
b.      I’m sorry to hear that.           
c.       She is fine. 
d.      Are you okay?
e.      Is the hospital far?
Jawaban              : B
Pembahasan      : mendengar nenek Dina sakit, Rosi menyampaikan rasa simpatinya dengan mengucapkan ”I’m sorry to hear that.” Jadi, jawabannya yang tepat adalah pilihan (b).

Ø  Asking for Advice
·         Can you give me some advice?
·         Do you have any advice for me?
·         If you were me, what would you do?
·         Do you think I should tell the teacher?
·         Should I consult my parents about this matter?
Ø  Offering Advice
·         I advise you to move to a new house.
·         I suggest that you buy the motorbike next year .
·         If I were you, I would stop cheating during exam.
·         I think you’d better study harder next time.
·         You should consult your parents immediately before the matter gets worse.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Doctor   : Ma’am, if you really want to reduce your weight,. . . .
Patient  : Alright, Doctor. I’ll try.
a.       You may not eat too many snacks every day.
b.      You might not eat too many snacks every day.
c.       You should not eat too many snacks every day.
d.      You could not eat too many snacks every day.
e.      You cannot eat too many snacks every day.
Jawaban              : C
Pembahasan      : Dokter menyarankan pasiennya agar jangan mengkonsumsi terlalu banyak kudapan.
Ungkapan yang tepat adalah pilihan (c) “You should not eat too many snacks every day.”

Ø  Expressing Necessity
·         You must obey your parents
·         You must study hard if you want pass the exams with satisfying grades
·         You must be creative and innovative if you want to be successful entrepreneur
·         You must not cheat during exams
·         You must not miss classes without permission
·         You have to go bed early to be able to wake up early the next morning
·         You have to manage your time wisely to be able to finish all your work
·         You don’t have to follow all your friends’ bad habits if you don’t want to
·         You don’t have to buy new uniform for the new term if the old ones are still wearable
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Deni       : I really don’t know what I have to do to make Mrs. Liam pass me next term
Irawan   : Mrs. Liam’s exam will be about understanding.  You just have to study hard and make       sure you understand all tah materials
Deni       : Ohh… that’s the problem in understanding the materials.
Irawan   : don’t worry. I’ll help you
The underlined sentence shows . . . .
a.       Agreement                                             d.      compliment
b.      Support                                                 e.      preference
c.       Necessity
Jawaban              :c
Pembahasan      : kalimat yang digaris bawahi pada kalimat diatas adalah kalimat yang menyatakan keharusan. Hal ini ditandai adanya frase have to

Ø  Expressing likes
·         I like friendly and kind people
·         I really like studying Indonesian language
·         I enjoy writing stories about children
·         I love meeting with new people
·         I really love it when my school holds a musical performance
Ø  Expressing dislikes
·         I dislike driving in rush-hour traffic
·         I hate people who smoke in public areas
·         I don’t like people who always late
·         I can’t stand it when people snap at each other
·         It bothers me when someone acts rudely to the elderly
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Deasy    : Donald, what do you want for lunch?
Donald  : I want meatball. I really like meatball.
Deasy    : okay, I’ll prepare it for you
The underlined sentence shows . . . .
a.       Ability                                                                            d.      surprise
b.      Like                                                                                 e.      necessity
c.       Pride
Jawaban              : B
Pembahasan      : kalimat yang digarisbawahi menunjukkan kesukaan, sehingga jawaban yang benar adalah (b) like
Ø  Expressing surprise
·         What a surprise!
·         This is a really surprise!
·         What shocking news
·         I don’t believe it!
·         Are you kidding?
·         You must be joking.
·         Really?
·         It’s surprising that he just made her biggest dream come true.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Tika         : I can’t believe it! My mom just won 10 million rupiah! Oh, my God!
Gery       : that’s a great, huh!
Tika         : It is!
The underlined sentences shows . . . .
a.       Regret                                                           d.      surprise
b.      Inability                                                         e.      pride
c.       Apology
Jawaban              : D
Pembahasan      : kalimat yang digarisbawahi pada percakapan diatas adalah ekspresi terkejut, sehingga pilihan yang benar adalah (d) surprise
Ø  Expressing pride
·         I’m proud of you.
·         You should be proud and feel lucky to have daughter like her.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Ronald   : it was of my toughest game ever, Mom! Finally, I beat him.
Mother : . . . .
a.       I’m sorry to hear that.                            d.     It’s alright.
b.      How awful!                                                 e.     I’m proud of your victory
c.       What a terrible news!
Jawaban              : E
pembahasan      : Ronald mengungkapkan kegembiraannya memnangkan pertandingan. Ibunya bangga pada anaknya dengan mengucapkan “I’m proud of your victory.”  Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan (e)
Ø  Expressing ability
·         My sister can play the violin beautifully.
·         I am able to speak English fluently
·         He is capable of using a computer.
Ø  Expressing inability
·         I cannot sing a song
·         She is unable to ride a bicycle
·         He is incapable of swimming
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Dewi      : can you move the table?
Dena      : I’ve tried, but I couldn’t move even an inch of it. It just too heavy.
                The underlined sentence shows . . . .
a.       Surprise                                                                       d. like
b.      Inability                                                                        e. advice
c.       Ability
Jawaban              : B
Pembahasan      : dena menyatakan ketidaksanggupannya untuk memindah meja dengan mengatakan,   ” I couldn’t move even an inch of it.”
Ø  Expressing apology
·         I’m sorry that I forgot to bring your book.
·         I’m very sorry that I’m late.
·         I’m extremely sorry, but, I’ve lost your ring.
·         I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t know you were busy.
·         I’d like to apologize for leaving school without permission.
·         Please accept my apologies for what I did to you last week.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Harry      : I’m terribly sorry I missed your show last week.
Jonas     : that’s okay. I understand.
In this dialog, Harry expresses . . . .
a.       Necessity                                                                     d.      apology
b.      Surprise                                                                        e.      satisfaction
c.       Pride
Jawaban              : D
Pembahasan      : harry meminta maaf karena tidak bisa menonton acara Jonas minggu lalu dengan mengucapkan “I’m terribly sorry . . . .” jadi jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan (d) “apology”
Ø  Offering help
·         Can I help you?
·         May I help you?
·         Shall I get something for you?
·         What can I do for you?
·         Would you like me to do something for you?
Ø  Accepting help
·         Yes, please
·         Thank you
·         That would be very nice.
Ø  Refusing help
·         No, thank you
·         No, thanks
·         It’s all right. I can do it on my own.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Shopkeeper        : . . . .
Mrs. Diana           : yes, please. I need two kilos of meat.
a.       What can I do for you Ma ‘am?
b.      How are you, Ma ‘am?
c.       Hello, Ma ‘am. Let me to introduce myself.
d.      Could you help me, please?
e.      Do you want me to get you some kilos of tomatoes?
Jawaban              : A
Pembahasan      : penjaga toko menawarkan bantuan pada pembelinya dengan mengucapkan “What can I do for you Ma ‘am?”. Jadi jawaban yang teat adalah pilihan (a)

Ø  Offering an invitation
·         I’d like to ask you to visit my new house.
·         I’d like to invite you to my birthday party next week.
·         Would you like to go to the cinema with me on Sunday night?
·         How about going to the concert with me  tonight?
Ø  Accepting an invitation
·         Thank you, I’d love to.
·         Yes thank you. I’d be happy to come.
·         Thank you so much for inviting me
·         Great
·         Sure.
Ø  Refusing an invitation
·         I’m so sorry, I’m afraid I can’t.
·         I’m sorry, I’ll be very busy at that time. What about the week after that?

Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Wenti    : Vera, where will you go next Sunday?
Vera       : nowhere. Why?
Wenti    : what about going to Reno’s birthday with me?
Vera       : sure.
Vera is . . . .
a.       Offering an invitation                                              d.      accepting help
b.      Offering help                                                              e.     refusing help
c.       Accepting an invitation
Jawaban              : C
Pembahasan      : vera menjawab undangan wenti dengan mengatakan “sure” yang menandakan persetujuannya.
Ø  Asking permission
·         May I open the window?
·         Do you mind if I sat here?
·         Can I go and see a movie tomorrow night?
·         Please let me study together with you.
·         Could I use the telephone, please?
·         Would you mind if I had more snacks?
Ø  Giving permission
·         Sure, go ahead
·         No, I don’t mind.
·         You have my permission
·         Yes certainly.
·         Yes, of course.
·         Yes, OK.
·         No, not at all.
Ø  Refusing permission
·         No, you may not.
·         Yes, I do mind.
·         No, I’m afraid not.
·         No, I don’t think so
·         No, you can’t
·         I will not permit you.
Contoh soal dan pembahasan
1.       Secretary             : I’m terribly to interrupt the meeting, . . . .
Director                                : yes, but be quick. We are discussing a serious matter here.
a.       Can you stop the meeting?                                  d.      are you busy?
b.      May I talk to you for a minute?                           e. can you help me?
c.       Do you mind letting me in?
Jawaban              : sekretaris meminjam kepada direktur untuk berbicara dengannya. Ungkapan – ungkapan untuk mengisi rumpang diatas adalah “May I talk to you for a minute?”