DAFTAR LABELKU (klik saja jangan ragu-ragu)

Rabu, 21 Maret 2012


And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed."
( 14 Ibrahim : 7)

        I just remind my self that  I must be grateful. Why  do I say so? Gratitude has positive effects on our relationships with others and our overall well-being.  Even when times feel hopeless, there is much for which to be grateful.  Take a break to make contact with the present moment.  Notice the sun shining outside, the feel of the sun’s warmth on our skin, and the colors of the leaves and flowers.  And also we are given  a healthy body.
 Oh, ya I have read an article  declaring about the power of  gratitude. The article   is based on the Research by Kubacka and colleagues (2011) investigated specifically how gratitude influences positive behaviors toward a spouse over time.  They found that :
  • Spouses feel gratitude for their partners when they perceive their partners’ behavior as being responsive to their needs.
  • The feeling of gratitude motivates reciprocal behavior that is responsive back to their partners’ needs.
  • When that reciprocal behavior is perceived, feelings of gratitude result in them as well.
  • A positive cycle is created over time, with increasing gratitude and loving behavior from both individuals.
Gratitude  also has two important influences on positive relationship behavior:
  • When we choose to express gratitude toward our partner,  we are increasing the chances that we will behave in loving ways in the future.
  • When  we feel gratitude toward our partner, the chances of our behaving in positiveness
My teacher also gives us many tips as the following:
(1) Feel Gratitude
Begin to actively pay attention to and notice the positive things that your partner does.  Many of us have a natural tendency to only become “alert” to negative cues or signs that our partners have done something wrong.  It is much more beneficial to strengthening the loving bond of your relationship to “catch your partner doing something positive.”  Consider how often your partner does something kind, thoughtful, or loving in your daily lives that might be going unnoticed.
When you choose to become mindful in the present moment, you are increasing the chances of noticing the positive (since you are noticing all aspects of the present moment).  Once you begin to really notice more of the positive things that your partner does (for themselves, for you, and for others) you will naturally experience the feelings of appreciation and gratitude more.  These feelings of gratitude will prompt you to actively value your partner and treat them well in return.
(2) Show Thanks
When you notice that your partner has done something kind or thoughtful for you, tell them.  Let your partner know that you appreciate their thoughtfulness by expressing your gratitude.  Consider the personality of your partner and your history together and reflect upon the best ways for you, as a unique couple, to express gratitude.  Perhaps your partner would deeply appreciate a genuine “thank you,” or a sweet little note hidden someplace, or a hug at the end of the day.  Part of expressing true gratitude to your partner is expressing it in a way that shows you understand and appreciate them.
Choose to go the extra mile of doing something thoughtful for your partner in return.  Recognize that expressions of gratitude do not have to be “over the top” or extravagant in any way.  Gratitude is most deeply felt when it comes from a genuine heartfelt place.  When you do something thoughtful and loving for your partner in return, you are building the positive cycle of gratitude in your relationship.
(3) Look for Appreciation
Gratitude is a motivating force for future loving behavior.  It is important that your partner is genuinely grateful for what you do for them in order to build this positive cycle of gratitude.  You can begin to experiment with what types of loving behaviors your partner truly appreciates through doing something thoughtful for them and then stepping back to really notice the response.  Did they notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for your thoughtfulness in some way?
If your partner does seem to truly appreciate your own loving or thoughtful acts, then the cycle of gratitude is being reinforced.  Notice what works and keep it up.  If something doesn’t work, let it go.  What is the point of continuing to engage in behaviors that are not getting the desired results?  In order to effectively build a loving cycle of gratitude, it is important to remain mindful and vigilant to signs of what is working and what isn’t working within your unique relationship dynamic.
(4) Troubleshoot (if needed)
If you believe that your partner is ungrateful in some way, there are a few different approaches you can take:
  • Be sure that your thoughtful and loving actions are ones that your partner wants and needs (i.e., not what you want/need).
  • Make sure you’re not missing their appreciative behaviors – notice how they tend to give thanks/show gratitude.
  • Notice how invested your partner is in your relationship.  Doing too much for others and asking or expecting nothing in return can lead to you being taken advantage of or not being appreciated.  If this seems to be happening, stop going overboard.  Give your relationship some breathing room and allow your partner the space and opportunity to reengage and contribute to the relationship.
  • If nothing else seems to work and you have openly and directly communicated with your partner, ask yourself if it is in your best interest to take a step back from the relationship.  Reevaluate your options and honestly reflect on what each of you has put into the relationship.  If your partner is truly and deeply unappreciative of all that you do, ask yourself why you would be willing to put up with this type of treatment.
Each moment that you spend with your partner and away from your partner provides you with opportunities to notice things for which to be grateful.  Noticing the positive does not have to mean “Pollyanna-ish” thinking as long as you are noticing things that truly are positive and keeping the negative things in perspective.  Things usually are not “all good” or “all bad.”  Reality is usually somewhere in the middle.  Begin to notice the positive and loving things that your partner does that you may be overlooking.  In this moment you have the choice to begin to build a reciprocal cycle of gratitude in your relationship.


Dear students,
We would like to inform you that we would be having the school Holiday from Friday the 16th of March 2012 to Sunday the 18 the of March 2012.
During the holiday period our school plans to make our students care more about nature by having a whole day out bonding activity.lt will take place on Saturday, 17th of March 2012. The school is paying for every student from grade 7 to grade 9 to enjoy this activity. Family members are invited to join us at the low rate of Rp. 150.000 per person.This includes snack and lunch. The activity will be sweaty so don't forget to bring the changing clothes. For those who wants to go please, meet Mr. Anwari at his teacher's office.

1.      What should a family member do to join this activity?
A.      To bring sweaty clothes.
B.      To provide snack and lunch.
C.      To pay Rp. 150,000 per person.
D.      To go to the teacher's office.
2. Who will join the outbond activity for free?
A.     Students grade 7 until grade 9.
B.      Mr. Anwad's family.
C.      Some students only.
D.     A family member.
3.      The text is written to ...
A.      remind students about out bond activity.
B.      invite family members to join out bond activity.
C.      announce school holiday.
D.      give information about an out bond activity on school holiday.
Read the text and answer questions 6 and 7.
Dea Anthonv.
It was with great pleasure that I heard you won the grid medal at the youth student science Olympiad 2012. There is no doubt that your recent achievements will be spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration for your accomplishments is felt by all of us. Please accept my congratulation on your winning the Gold Medal and myvery best wishes for your continuing success.

6.      From the card above we can conclude that Anthony will be .. .for some time.
A.      rich                     C. wealthy
B.       popular               D. busy
7.         Imelda wrote the text...
A.      to promote Anthony's graduation.
B.      to congratulate Anthony's 'on his
C.             to make Anthony proud of himself
D.            to remind Anthony's success

Read the text and answer question 8 to 10.1
There is no long distance about love, it always finds
a way to bring hearts together no matter how many miles there are between them.
Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Rozakand Mr.and
Mrs. HermansyahTaher
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage reception of their children
Teddy Harliansyah
K-osalina Taher
On Saturday, the 11th of April 2012 at 11.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. at Flowery Tower Hall
Marriage Vow at
9:00 a.m.
At jasmine room
Your presence is a present in itself; however, if you
feel the need to provide a souvenir, an envelope gift
is appreciated.
8.         From the text above, we can conclude that...
A.      the reception and the marriage vow take place at bride's house.
B.              the marriage reception ends in the evening.
C.              the marriage reception lasts for two
D.             hours.
E.               the  bride  name  is Teddy Hariiansyah.
9.                    What does the inviter prefer as the souvenir?
A.      An envelope.
B.      An envelope gift.
C.      A present.
D.      A gift.
10.             What is the purpose of sending such kind of text?
A.      To ask someone to attend a marriage reception.
B.              To invite someone to watch a marriage vow.
C.              To give information about someone's marriage.
D.             To inform someone about a marriage party.
Read the text and answer questions 11
and 12.
Intan, I can't go to school today. I am at the Mitra Hospital now.Ricky got accident on the way to school. I met him at theTjunction near the school.lt looks like his left leg is broken. He is still in the emergency room now. I have informed his parents. Please tell the class teacher and other classmates.
11.             Where did Ricky get an accident?
A.       At Mitra hospital.
B.       In the emergency room.
C.       At the junction.
D.       At school.
12.             From the message above we know that ….
A.             Intan, Bayu and Ricky are not classmate.
B.              Bayu got medical treatment at Mitra hospital.
C.              Ricky's parents will meet the teacher soon.
D.             Ricky got serious injury.
Read the text and answer question 13 to 16.
When ancient Greeks studied the heavens they' observed points of light which seemed to move back and forth against the background of apparently fixed stars. These moving lights shone steadily and didn't twinkle like the stars.The Greeks called these heavenly bodies' planets, meaning 'wandered'. We know that the planets are those bodies,like the Earth, which resolve around the star, the Sun. Planet do not gave out light of their own, but get their light from the Sun. Including the Earth.
There are nine planets In our solar system that is revolving around our Sun. In sequence, moving away from the Sun, they are Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The first four are known as the Inner Planets and are mainly solid.Mercury is the smallest of the planets: Venus can be seen as the Evening Star in the western sky; mars seems red even to the naked eye. The others are known as the Outer Planets and the first four are composed mainly of gases but Pluto is believed to be solid. Jupiter is the largest of all planets, about 1.000 times as big as Earth, and has twelve satellites;Saturn is surrounded by three beautiful rings; Uranus has five satellites and Neptune two; Pluto was only discovered In 1930.
13.     What does the text tell us about?
A.      The heavenly bodies
B.              The planets
C.              The star
D.             The sun
14.     What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A.             The sun is our solar system.
B.              There are nine planets revolving the Sun.
C.              There are four outer planets.
D.             The inner planets is in our solar system.
15.     Which of the planets is composed mainly of gases?
A.      Venus                 C. Pluto
B.      Mars                   D. Saturn
16.     "There are nine planets in our solar system that is revolving around our Sun".
The underlined phrase means ...
A.      approaching    C. touching
B.      rotating              D. closing

Read the text and answer questions 17 to 20.
When I just hang out in a mall one day, I saw a very beautiful bag. I love this bag at the first sight. This was the first time I've spent much money on a bag and I don't regret it.
The bag is wonderful. It is made of thin but strong leather. The weight is iight and the size keeps it from getting stuffed with junk. It has a long shoulder strap that I like because it keeps the bag hands-free. Its neutral color is fun and sporty.The design is simple and well-made.
The bag is very functional. It is the perfect size to carry a cell phone,a pocket-sized wallet,a small book,a pack of gum,and pens. It also fits well into my laptop backpackfor bike commuting to school.This bag also has more pockets inside so my small items don't all fall to the bottom. In overall I really satisfy with bag.
17.     Where does the writer usually put her small items?
A.      In her pockets.
B.      In her laptop backpack.
C.      In her pocket size wallet.
D.      In the inside part of her leather bag.
18.     What makes the small items of the writer cannot fall down in the bag?
A.      The satisfying bag.
B.      Her laptop backpack.
C.      A pocket-sized wallet.
D.      The pockets inside the back.
19.     "I've spent much money on a bag and I don't regret jt".
The underlined word in the sentence refers to ... the bag.
A.      having                C. buying
B.      seeing                 D. loving
20.             The writer writes the text to ...
A.      retell how she bought the bag.
B.      describe her new bag.
C.      entertain the readers about her new bag.
D.      give instruction how to buy her new bag
Read the text and answer question 21 to 25.
Camping is one of activates that my family love very much. All my family just loved the nice atmosphere of the camping site. We just want the life with no traffic which it means no noise sometimes.The twittering of birds and the sound of the wind blowing are the things we would like to enjoy. We usually go camping at the end of the months.
Last month we went camping in the mountainous area. My father's colleague recommended this camping site. We fell in love with this place at the first sight. It is really a nice spot for the tent. Arriving at the campsite, we were busy with our own duties. After my father struggled hard to put up the tent this afternoon, my mom brought some food for dinner. Everything was in place for a great family camping trip. We slept soundly in tent under a sparkling night sky, and woke up early because of the chattering monkeys. No hustle or bustle.This dark morning was very quiet with the soft light of lanterns. We had nice chat inside the warm tents.
After breakfast-just delicious home-cooked food- we hiked to the Crater Lake. It was a great place. We were at peace with nature, a perfect place to slow down and recharge. We walked (for the surefooted) around the rim of the crater. Hidden on the shores of a deep volcanic lake, the crater offered lovely views over the plains.This camping activity was the most memorable back-to-nature experience I ever have!
21.       What did the writer hear early in the morning?
A.      The sound of the wind blowing.
B.      The chatting of other family.
C.      The chattering monkey.
D.      The twittering of birds.
22.             From the story we know that the writer's family are bored with ...
A.      city life.
B.      rural area.
C.      village life.
D.      countryside life.
23.     What is hidden on the shores of a deep volcanic lake?
A.      The mountainous area.
B.      The Crater Lake.
C.      The warm tent.
D.      The campsite.
24.     The underlined word in "]t was a great place" (last paragraph) refers to ...
A.      the Crater Lake.
B.      deep volcanic lake.
C.      the rim of the crater.
D.      delicious home-cooked food.
25.     What is the purpose of the text above?
A.                To discuss about camping activity.
B.      To retell the camping experience.
C.      To describe a beauty of the Crater Lake.
D.      To inform peaceful atmosphere of the mountainous area.

Read the text and answer questions 26 to 29.

26.     What does the text tell us about?
A.      How to sleep well.
B.      How to sleep fast.
C.      What make people sleep.
D.      What to do before sleeping.
27.     What kind of drink is suggested to drink before going to bed?
A.      Tea.           C. Milk.
B.      Coffee.     D. Alcohol.
28.     What makes people fall asleep?
A.      Hot bathing.
B.       Boring activities..
C.       Physical exercise.
D.      Having a cup of tea
29.     "A cooler room along with enough blankets to stay warm,is. recornrriended".
What does the underlined word mean?
A.      Forced.                      C. Ordered.
B.       Wanted.                    D. Suggested.
Read the text and answer questions 30 to 32.

30.     We have to consume one capsule ...
A.      every day.
B.       when we travel.
C.       in three days.
D.      every two days.
31.     "Don't use if foil or pouch is punctured'."
What does the underlined word in the sentence mean?
A.      Broken       C. Folded
B.      Sealed        D. Limited
32.     What is the text about?
A.      Supplement.       C. Capsule.
B.      Enzymatic.         D. Yogurt.
For questions 33 to 36, choose the best answer to complete the text.
A dog and a cock became great friends. One day they travelled together. At night they sleep in the forest. The cock perched himself on the (33).... of a tree, while the dog found a bed beneath in the hollow trunk. When the morning dawned, the cock, as usual, crowed very (34)...several times. A fox heard the sound,and wanted to eat the cock as breakfast. He came and stood under the branches, saying how (35)... his voice was and he wanted to meet the cock.The cock knew that the fox wanted to eat him so he said: "Sir, you want to meet me, please just go around to the hollow trunk below me, and waking my porter, so that (36)... may open the door and let you in."When the fox approached the tree, the dog sprang out and caught him,and tore him to pieces.





Read the text and answer questions 37 to 39.
Dear Juna,
I am so sorry it is a little bit late to answer your e-mail. Like you, I am pretty busy with my new school life. I am glad to know after working so hard you finally get the' school you dream of. You must be proud of studying at such kind of aood school. Please tell me about vour
I want to share a little about my problem. As I have told you before, I have to continue my study at my sister's school. My parents asked me to do it. Well! It is best school in my town but actually I don't want to study here. I don't want to go to the same school with my sister. You know she is very popular at school. I feel that she is better in everything than me. She is more beautiful. She is smarter. She is more sociable. Everybody knows her. She joins many kinds school activity. I can't do everything she does. I am quiet girl. I don't have many friends. I like reading better than joining many kinds of activities which make me meet a lot of people. Of course I love her.She is always kind to me. But I don't want being compared.That's too bad, isn't it? I really don't know what I should do. I don't talk to my parents.They won't understand.They just know that I have to study at the best school.
Ok Juna, please give me your advice. What should I do? I am looking forward to reading your e-mail.


37.    Who is very sociable person?
A.      Juna.
B.       Mela.
C.       Mela's sister.
D.      Mela's parents.
38.    Mela doesn't want to study at the same school with her sister because ...
A.      she is more beautiful.
B.       everybody knows her sister.
C.       she doesn't want to be compared.
D.      it is the best school in her town.
39.    What is Mela's purpose in writing the letter?
A.      To describe a popular person.
B.       To tell about a new school.
C.       To ask for information.
D.      To ask for advice.
Read the text and answer questions 40 to 42.
The cool,clean,cornfortable air from Sharp air conditioners and purifiers ets you and your family breathe and rest easier. Sharp ENERGY STAR® qualified air conditioners and air purifiers exceed federal efficiency standards. They feature auto functions that make operation as simple as the touch of a button.

40.    It is easy to operate the Sharp air condi­tioner because of its ...
A.      purifier.              C. energy star.
B.      auto function.   D. standard.
41.    "They feature auto functions that make operation
The underlined word in the sentence
means ...
A.      include.              C. bring.
B.      show.                 D. sell.
42.    What does the text tell us about?
A.      Air conditioner.
C.       The cool, clean, comfortable air.
D.      Sharp air conditioners and purifiers.
Read the text and answer questions 43 to 46.
Long long time ago there lived three brothers in village called Waiwuang (now Wanukaka) in Sumba. One of three brothers was Umbu Dula.His wife's name was Rambu kaba.One day, the three brothers looked for rice to Masu Karera, in the south coast of East Sumba. But they told other villagers that they wanted to go fishing to the lake nearby. Even Umbu Dula didn't tell his wife where he went.
After long time,the three brothers had not returned. Rambu Kaba and other villagers thought the three of them had already died. Rambu Kaba felt very lonely. One day she met Tedo Gai a man from Kodi.They felt in love and got married.
A few years later, three brothers came back to Waiwuang. Umbu Dula looked for his wife. He met Rambu Kaba and her new husband at the fcot of a hiii. Umbu Duia was very sad and angry to know that his wife had already married to other man. Rambu Kaba cried when she met Umbu Dula but she was too ashamed to return to Waiwuang.To stop Umbu Dula's anger, the relatives of Tedo Gai Parana paid the bride price (dowries) to Umbu Dula in the form of buffaloes, horses, a set of ornaments, some spears, and swords, and a unique gift of sea - worms, called Nyale. Nyale usually, appears in February and March, several days after thefull-moon.
After the bride price ceremony the people of Kodi invited the Waiwuang to have a game of Pasola as remembrance of the event, so that the sorrow caused by the escape of Rambu Kaba could be forgotten. Since then the celebration of the time of nyale has been held with pasola games, and people connect the appearance of nyale with the harvest.The greater number of nyale appears the more abundant harvest it will be.
43.    Umbu Dula left his wife alone to go to
A.      Waiwuang      C. Masu Karera
B.       Kodi                       D. Wanukaka
44.    From the text we know that Umbu Dula's sadness is because of his ...
A.      honesty.                 C. kindness.
B.       dishonesty.      D. carelessness.
45.    What does the first paragraph tell us ' about?
A.     Three brothers who lived in a village of Waiwuang.
B.      Umbu Dula and his brothers left for Masu Karera.
C.      Umbu Dula married to Rambu Kaba.
D.     Three brothers went fishing.
46.    What can we learrt from the story
A.      Don't tell a lie.
B.      Don't cry over the spilt milk.
C.      Don't get your knickers in a knot.
D.      Don't look at where you fall, but where you slipped.
For questions 47 and 48 arrange the sentences into good texts.
1.    One of them Is the root that is underground
2.       Besides, it is also to anchor the tree In the soil.
3.    A tree consists of some parts
4.       A tree is a kind of tall plant that lives for many years
5.       The root function is to search water and food to feed the tree
6.    We find trees mostly in a forest
The best arrangement of the text above is...
A.      4-5-2-6-1-3
B.      4-6-3-1-5-2
C.      4-3-1 - 6-5-2
D.      4-1-6-3-5-2

1.    Kintamani is located about 1.500m above sea level.
2.    Kintamani Is one of a beautiful tourist
destination in Bali.
3.    On this day, the farmers display all kinds of products from surrounding mountain farms such as oranges, corns, and vegetables for the buyers to choose.
4.    There is a market which is busy every three days on Hari Paseh.
5.    Perched on the rim of a vast crater,overlooklng the Lake Batur and its bubbling hot springs, Kintamani truly,offers stunning scenery.
6.    Because it is located in the highland, the beautiful Kintamani area has a cool climate which is suitable to grow certain fruits and vegetables.
The good arrangement of the jumbled sentences above is ....
A.  2-1-4-3-6-5
B.    1-5-6-2-4-3
C.  2-5-1-6-4-3
D.  1-3-2-5-4-6

For questions 49 and 50 arrange the words and phrases Into good sentences.
49. use  -  for  -  Don'twater  - unsafe  - and
  1 2   3   4 56
-   cooking - Ibis - drinking
7      8   9
The best arrangement of the jumbled words above is ....
A.     3-1-8-4-5-9-2-6-7
B.     3-1-8-5-4-2-9-6-7
C.  3-7-6-9-8-5-4-2-1
D.    8-4-3-1-9-2-6-7-5
50.         that – 1   held – wil l beget  -
 1  2   3     4      5
the art performance  -  the information  
                 6                      7
-       next month
The best arrangement of the jumbled words above is ....
A.    2-5-7-1 -6-4-3-8
B.    2-4-3-1-6-5-7-8
C. 2-6-1-3-5-4-7-8
D.    2-3-1-4-6-5-F-8