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Senin, 19 Maret 2012


(Donya mampir ngguyu)

  I am MasKatno Giri. I will  tell a real story. When I was young, I really belong to an unhappy boy, especially when I was as a student from elementary school  up to university. Life  has really burdened me. One of the reasons perhaps  I was not educated by a nice teacher. Ya, ideally a teacher must lit on  happiness in every weak soul like me.
            Life is a change, I must change my life. It  was not useless I found a book titled “MERAIH KEBAHAGIAAN’. I really  got an enlightenment that everybody has a right to be happy. Yes WE CAN. I can be happy now. Of course one of technique to be happy is gratefulness. Why I say so. Those   are the reasons:
1.      Life is a personal journey. No one can make you feel anything, either good or bad. Stop blaming others and expecting others to motivate you. You are the captain or your own ship, so take charge!
2.      Everything that happens in life must move you forward. Although this may seem strange, pain can also help you move forward. If you are stuck, feel overwhelmed or hurt too much to recognize a step forward, ask yourself, "What good can come out of this?" Ask and you will find the answer. I have gone through some tough things, yet a lot came out of them when I asked the right questions. And if you saying to yourself, "Ronit, but it was all in your mind", you are right - it was and it still is.
3.      Life is a choice! Regardless of how horrible the situation is, you have a choice. Practice choosing. I could choose to be a good student, I could choose to behave, I could choose to be healthy and you know what, when I realized it, I chose all these things!
4.      Do not mix choosing and being a fortune teller. Every day is the first day of your new life. You can plot a new course and sail to a new destination, but you cannot predict the weather, who you will meet on your journey or how those will affect your trip. Do not waste time and energy trying to predict the future. Some choices will work and others will not - choose anyway! If you want to hit a target, you have to practice shooting.
5.      Happy moments and success experiences are the fuel of every progress on your personal development journey and it is your responsibility to refill your own motivation tank. What I appreciate about myself and my life, what I have achieved, what I can now do better, what I have learned (especially from failures) and what I am proud of provide the energy for a happy life. It was easy - I made a list of happy moments and achievements, skills and things I was grateful for and looked at them whenever I felt down..
6.       Don’t be confused of being proud with being arrogant and putting others down. Being proud of yourself is "feeling happy and satisfied about an action, decision, quality, possession or association that positively reflects on my confidence and self worth.