DAFTAR LABELKU (klik saja jangan ragu-ragu)

Jumat, 27 April 2012


           Becoming a writer is  a simple achievement. To be a writer someone must practice and work hard. It can be said that many writers are writers, but few of them know how to become a writer. The label "writer" is just simply a label, it is all the hard work and determination of reaching that status that truly gives the writer that makes them worthy of the title.
                There are three simple steps that any writer can take that will enable them to achieve the title of "writer," while making them worthy of it. The first step to becoming a writer is to start to think of yourself as a writer. Many writers believe that they cannot be known as writers until they are published, but this is not true. Anyone who thinks of themselves as a writer, and writes on a regular basis should talk about themselves as a writer.
                 Many unpublished writers have the habit of saying they want to write, or saying that they write, instead of saying "I'm a writer. When learning how to become a writer, it is necessary for writers to realize that you don't have to be published to be known as a writer. Although, it may seem ideal for introductions and make it easier for others to see you as a writer, being published does not make one a writer. Writers should see themselves as people who write, and not as people who write for a living.
                      For most writers, being published is validation of their status as a writer and even the start of the path to success. However, there are many published writers who are not very successful, famous, or rich. Obviously, being published is a great way to show your work to an audience, and gain recognition, no matter how great or small. On the path to becoming a writer there are many who lose sight of the fact that they don't stop writing once they are published, so it is not wise to only write to be published.
                   There are many ways to start to think of yourself as a writer, and in this first step on the learning path of how to become a writer there are smaller steps that help you proclaim yourself as a writer. Firstly, take a moment or two to say the words "I am a writer" aloud to yourself. Then keep repeating them as many times as possible until you sense yourself starting to acknowledge that yes it is believable!. Next, find a specific place in your home for your writing. It can be a room, section of a room, or a studio. Now you are starting to think like a writer because you have your writing space.
                         It is also important to make the "writing space" as comfortable as possible, and to ensure it meets your writing needs. Of course it is important to get the proper writing tools, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and a computer that is used specifically for your writing. Aspiring writers can also find lessons on how to become a writer in style books, which should be kept as a writing tool also. It is also helpful to befriend other writers, and read their work and others as a writer and discuss passages of books or chapters with other writers.
                             The second step to becoming a writer is to make time to write. When learning how to become a writer, novices will always be advised to make time for their writing. Many aspiring writers often mess up on this step, and although they want to be writers they slack on how much they write, You would not believe how many writers are left with unfinished works. It is important to set aside a particular time or day for writing and to stick to that schedule, because deviance from a writing schedule usually means unfinished work.
                     The final step to becoming a writer is by far the simplest. To become a writer it is imperative that you write. Writing is the simplest step to becoming a writer and the most important step. When learning how to become a writer, you must take some time out and write!

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