DAFTAR LABELKU (klik saja jangan ragu-ragu)

Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

VOICE of MARON.Wonogiri. School Holiday is going to end. Monday 16/07/2012  means that the beginning of life in a  formal education, especially in SMAN1 Girimarto Wonogiri.
In 2012 academic year , SMAN1 Girimarto still keep spirit to open ICT class among regular classes. The number of  new students of SMAN 1 Girimarto  was calculated less than  300, it means that the respossibilities of teaching staffes is  harder.  One of the teachers , Mr Warsinondo said “ The number of students willing to SMK is getting bigger, the eagerness  of students registering to SMA gets fewer”.  He adds that SMAN 1 Girimarto will open 2 classes for ICT class, and all praise be to Allah that nearly 30 students have registered for this special class.
To invite   the willingness of students registering to  SMA is  getting more difficult, because SMK’s promoted  more spectacular. Their   promoting fund is really bigger. “But we should not be pesimistic!, SMA means Sekolah Menengah ke Atas, one day SMA will be exist again” said Mr Munfarid (the head Master of SMA Muh1 Karanganyar). He also added that SMK can be meant Sekolah Menengah Ke bawah. Now the provocating words of him does not work. As matter of the fact that the number of students in SMAN1 Girimarto is not as big as what teachers want. So they must  be realistic and   take whatever they are.