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Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Mari belajar "slangs" dalam bahasa Inggris

 Let’s  study  about  SLANGS.   Slangs are defined as the words and phrases used informally in any language. These expressions are usually formed and gain popularity locally before becoming accepted in informal speech all over. A problem with keeping track of slangs is that new additions are being made to the slang language on a daily basis.  Here  are   slangs that are commonly used today. And Maskatno Giri  also writes in  English-English- Indonesian

Kalimat atau Ekspresi Slang
Omong kosong.
Catch someone red-handed
Menangkap basah seseorang.
C’mon guys, don’t be mad. I’m just kidding
Ayolah teman, jangan marah. Aku cuma bercanda.
Don’t have kittens
Jangan gugup.
Don’t screw up on this stupid issue
Jangan meributkan soal kecil seperti ini.
Drop it
Sudahlah, lupakan saja.
Eat shit and die, man (sangat kasar)
Tutup mulut.
Get off my ass (sangat kasar)
Get off my back
Get off my case
Sudahlah, jangan menggangguku.
Get out of it
Sudahlah, lupakan saja.
Get the drift?
Have punch-up with some one
berkelahi dengan seseorang.
He is crazy about her
He is stuck on her
Dia tergila-gila padanya.
He’s such a fuckhead
Dia memuakkan.
I catch up to you
Nanti aku menyusul.
I’m in deep shit
I’m in hot water
I’m in trouble
Aku sedang kesulitan.
I’m screwed
I’m sucked
Saya benar-benar kacau.
I’m scared shitless
Aku takut sekali.
I’m sticking my neck out for nothing 
Aku berharap terlalu muluk.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed
Saya akan do’akan semoga berhasil. (Misalnya ada kawan yang sedang ngejar-ngejar cewek, kemudian kita ucapkan: oke deh, kudo’akan semoga berhasil).
It has really pissed me out, get on my case
Benar-benar menjengkelkan.
Idiot box
Kiss my ass
Cium bokongku (ucapan menantang).
Life is a bitch
Life sucks and then you die
Hidup memang tidak mudah.
Make your own sandwich
Masa bodoh.
Must have got up on the wrong side of bed
Mimpi apa semalam.
No hassle
Tidak apa-apa.
O Gee
Oh Tuhan.
Rob someone blind
Merampok seseorang habis-habisan.
She drives me crazy
She drives me mad
she drives me nuts
She gets me hot
Dia membuat ku gila.
She is so beautiful that I would walk over a mile of broken glass

She is gorgeous that I’d give my right arm for her

She is prime meat that I’d do anything for her
Dia begitu cantiknya sehingga aku mau melakukan apa saja untuk mendapatkannya.
She really turns me on
Dia benar-benar menggairahkan aku.
Spit it out
Cepat katakan.
The shit is going to hit the fan
Bakal jadi rame nih.
Sangat mabuk (sampai tak sadrkan diri).
To hell with her
Persetan dengan dia
Singkatan dari Very Important Person.
Mabuk (karena minuman).
Pengecut / penakut.
Yadda Yadda Yadda
Punya arti sama dengan “Blaaa... Blaaa... Blaaa...”
(Biasanya diekspresikan untuk sesuatu yang membosankan dan kurang menarik).
You gotta kick the habit
Kamu harus menghentikan kebiasaan itu.
You’ve got your just dessert
Kamu sudah menerima balasanmu.
You look like shit
Kamu kusut sekali.
Orang yang sangat kaya sekali.
Zone out
Kehilangan semua konsentrasi.

  1. Airhead  - A foolish or dumb person 
She is such an airhead she keeps forgetting to get her books.

  1. All-Nighter  - Studying all night usually before an exam or test
They were wandering dazed in school after pulling an all-nighter.

  1. Ball - A good time 
The kids had a ball at the party.

  1. Bazillion - Used to indicate an uncountable number or a very big number
She gets a bazillion friend requests everyday on Facebook.

  1. Beemer - A BMW car
He kept driving around the block to show off his new beemer.

  1. Big Guns  - People who have influence, are powerful
She knew it was time to call in the big guns when he refused to cooperate.

  1. Bitch - Complain or moan or gossip about something
Whenever the girls get together they find something to bitch about.

  1. Bonkers - Being mad or insane
He has gone bonkers since he got to know about the test.

  1. Break - Opportunity or chance
The band got a break when they performed on a T.V. show.

  1. Bummed - Sad or disappointed 
Everyone was super bummed when the concert was cancelled.

  1. Cheesy - Outdated or overused, sometimes cheap as well
She was tired of hearing cheesy pick-up lines.

  1. Chicken - A name called to a coward
“He’s too much of a chicken to try that jump!” Tim said snidely.

  1. Con - Swindle
He was convinced the bank was trying to con him of his money. 

  1. Couch Potato - Someone who does nothing but watch T.V. all day
Ever since he lost his job, he’s turned into a complete couch potato.

  1. Crap  - Something that is worthless or a lie
His promises to change were all crap.

  1. Crash - To sleep over at someone’s house
She was crashing at a friend’s house after the party.

  1. Crash - Break into a place or attempt to get in somewhere
The plan to crash the party was foiled by the heavy security. 

  1. Croak - To die
The old man croaked sometime in the night.

  1. Cruising - In a car, going at a high speed
They were cruising around town when they spotted the ghost.

  1. Cushy - Comfortably easy
She had a cushy job as the floor manager.

  1. Deck - Hit some on the face 
He decked Tom a good one when he insulted him. 

  1. Deep Pockets - Someone who has a lot of money; a good source of money
His father has really deep pockets and spoils him terribly. 

  1. Dinosaur - Something or someone who is very old
Her computer is a total dinosaur.

  1. Dough - Money or cash
“I lent her some dough last week!” He cried.

  1. Ditch - Abandon something or leave
She has a reputation for ditching plans at the last minute.

  1. Dynamite - Awesome or great
That was a dynamite dinner at the new restaurant.

  1. Earful - Scolding or reprimanding 
They both got an earful from their mother.

  1. Eyeball - Look and admire 
All the girls were eyeballing the exchange student.

  1. Eye Popper - Astonishing or fantastic
The display for the store was an eye-popping success.

  1. Fender-Bender - A minor accident or collision between two vehicles
He had to give his car into repairs because of the fender bender.

  1. Flicks - Movies or films 
She went to the flicks with her best friends.

  1. Freebie - Something that you got for free
The company was giving freebies to promote the product.

  1. Gig - Job or work
She makes a bundle at her current gig.

  1. Glitch - Some kind of defect or problem
There was a technical glitch with the sound system.

  1. Go Bananas - Go crazy
The kids went bananas when school was cancelled because of the storm.

  1. Goof Off - Wasting time, not doing anything in particular
He decided to stop goofing off and study in his final year.

  1. Grand - A thousand 
He made 20 grand at his old job.

  1. Gross Out - A very bad time  
The event was a gross out, nobody turned up!

  1. Grub - Food
They went to the diner to get some grub after the game.

  1. Guts - Courage or boldness
He finally worked up the guts to ask her to the prom.

  1. Hang out - Frequently spend time together in a place
The group usually hung out at the abandoned farm.

  1. Heave - Vomit
“Uh-oh I need to heave!” She said before disappearing into the toilet.

  1. Hot - Attractive, popular or sexy
The office was buzzing because of the hot new intern.

  1. Hustle - Leave hurriedly
We need to hustle or we’ll miss the train.

  1. Idiot Box - The television
He spends too much time indoors in front of the idiot box.

  1. Icky - Unpleasant or annoying
She wrinkled her nose at the icky mess in the kitchen.

  1. In - Currently fashionable
Stripes are in for summer this year.

  1. Jam - Being in trouble or playing music together
They got into a jam with the police while having a jam session. 

  1. Jock  - Someone who plays a sport
He was a lifelong basketball jock.

  1. John - Toilet
“Where’s the john?” He asked

  1. Joint - A bar or a pub
It was the most happening joint in the city.

  1. Junkie - Someone who is a drug addict
Liam became a junkie in college.

  1. K - A thousand of a currency
The guide demanded 5K before he’d take them back to the hotel.

  1. Kegger  - A party where beer is the predominant drink
Her parents grounded her when they found out about the kegger.

  1. Kick Back - Relax 
He needed a holiday to just kick back and unwind.

  1. Knuckle Sandwich - A punch aimed at the mouth
Dina served him a knuckle sandwich for insulting her friend.

  1. Lame - Something not up to the mark
That was such a lame ghost story.

  1. Line - An untrue story or excuse
I have heard that line one too many times.

  1. Lip - Talking disrespectfully 
The student was suspended for giving lip to the principal.

  1. Meltdown - The complete breaking down of something
The politics of the country are in a state of complete meltdown.

  1. Mickey Mouse - Something that does not make sense
The entire episode was a sort of mickey mouse for the authorities.

  1. Neat - Good or excellent
“That was a really neat film.” She said

  1. Nuts - Crazy, mad
You must be nuts to try that climb.

  1. Oddball - Unusual or weird person
It was a good neighbourhood with the exception of a few oddball neighbours.

  1. Pad - A place where a person lives
Aidan has an awesome bachelor pad in the city.

  1. Peanuts - Very little money
She got that vintage jacket for peanuts from the garage sale.

  1. Pissed Off  - Very annoyed 
She was pissed off at him for being late.

  1. Pit Stop - Stopping to use the bathroom while travelling by road
They took a small pit stop before continuing along the road.

  1. Plastic - Any kind of card used for electronic transactions
She only had plastics, all her cash was spent.

  1. Poop - Excrement 
They had to watch out for dog poop while jogging.

  1. Quarterback -Lead or initiative
He decided to quarterback the meeting and got straight to the point.

  1. Quick Buck - Easy gotten money
He is forever looking for ways to make a quick buck.

  1. Raw - New and inexperienced 
The interns were raw so they needed constant supervision.

  1. Razz - Annoy or tease
He often razzed his younger brother.

  1. Repo - Repossess something due to non-payment of a loan
The bank will repo his house unless he pays soon.

  1. Rocking - Great, awesome
She had a rocking time at soccer camp.

  1. Rug Rat - A small child or toddler
They left the rug-rats at home with the baby-sitter.

  1. Scarf Down - Eat quickly or hurriedly
He just had enough time to scarf down a toast before the bus came.

  1. Shades  - Sunglasses
She was forever buying new shades from the mall.

  1. Shot - Try something 
“Here let me have a shot at that.” He offered.

  1. Smashed - Highly inebriated 
They all got smashed at her birthday party.

  1. Straight - Honest or upfront
Give it to me straight, doctor! What’s wrong with me?

  1. Sucks - When something is awful or unacceptable
The cafeteria price hike just sucks.

  1. Threads - Clothes 
He really needed to get some new threads before moving away.

  1. Totalled - For cars completely wrecked or crashed
He has totalled 4 cars in as many years.

  1. Umpteen - Incalculable
“I’ve told you umpteen times to clean this room.” His mother scolded.

  1. Up - Feeling cheerful or in good spirits
I’ve been feeling up ever since the summer started.

  1. Veg Out - Do absolutely nothing at all, relax
She really needed to veg out  with a good book this weekend

  1. Vibes - General atmosphere or feelings
He was getting some weird vibes from the room.

  1. Wad - An amount of money held together by a rubber band or staple
He pulled out a wad of bills and placed them on the table.

  1. Wheels - A way to refer to a car
He got some really nice wheels for his 18th birthday.

  1. Whiz - Being very talented at something
She was a whiz at computer programming.

  1. Wimp - A cowardly person
He was a wimp who was scared of his own shadow.

  1. Yakety-Yak - Chatter about general things
She was always yakety-yakking on the phone with someone or the other.

  1. Yes-Man - Person who always agrees with those in authority
He was tired of all the yes-men who surrounded him. 

  1. Yuck - Disgusting or bad
Yuck! I hate that medicine.” He cried angrily.

  1. Zapped - Exhausted or tired
He was totally zapped from running around all day. 

  1. Zero - An unimportant person
In her eyes, he was a zero.

  1. Zit - Pimple
She screamed when she saw the zit on her nose.

  1. Zonked Out  - Fall asleep quickly and deeply
He zonked out as soon as he hit the bed.

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