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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012


Are we eager to have sincerity?
If our  answer YES, so we are going to have a happy life.
Sincerity of feeling, intent touches the hearts of everyone.
What exactly defines sincerity? And how do we achieve it? No other formula exists for sincerity than to be sincere by being genuine, having faith and trust in our self.
 According to my teacher teacher, there are many ways to achieve sincerity, they are as follows:
Doing or acting the same way alone as we do when in the presence of others. This is the real  and this is the person that people will and trust That is not only hard work but is ultimately insincere.
Doing  things out of the goodness of our heart; don't seek a reward or do things to acquire things from people. When we give without expecting the boomerang effect to occur, the giving becomes an act of sincerity and an expression of  our  genuine concern for and interest in others.
Understanding  that sincerity comes from the heart. Whatever we do or say, it is vital to mean to do or say it and to back it up with  our beliefs. We cannot be sincere when we compliment someone but deep inside we detest or hate him or her.
Realizing that sincerity can expose us. Opening up to others about  our feelings, motives and aspirations can cause some people to react in insincere ways and to try and drag us down.
Using  positive affirmations. Always seek the goodness  in us, in others, in situations. When negative connotations arise, use  our positive affirmations to override the negatives and to try to find the silver lining in any situation. Sincerity thrives on effort to think the right way.
Be hospitable in any situations and lack material neediness. Sincerity is advanced when we are open to having others in  our life and when we do not feel a need to compare ourself with what others have and what we do not. Material neediness destroys the ability to be sincere because our focus is always on protecting our possessions and aiming to accumulate more instead of looking outwards into the human community around us  and perceiving the ways in which we can add substance to it through the goodness of our heart.