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Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

BAD IMPACTS OF DATING (versi bhs Inggris di bawah versi Indonesia
Dating or courtship is a relationship between man and a woman who had no marriage. The activities such as going out together, taking a walk, dinner, etc to know each other better.Dating can bring about bad impact as the following:
1. Easy to fall into adultery
If there is a pair of male and female are not baligh (mahram) in fact the third is the devil
Weakening  the Faith
People who tend to put a love going out to his girlfriend on the feeling of love to
Training hypocrisy
People who are dating it is often deceptive, trying to make sure her partner that she is THE BEST.
4. Making long-delusion.
People who are in love-dating-often remembered by those who loved it. Then he thought of something, wishing all the time etc..
Reducing productivity
Dating can reduce productive activities; eg creating artwork, writing articles, short stories, poetry, or anything else.
6. Mak
ing the live lavishly (quasi-RICH) is not rich in monkeys
Even the money that was supposed to be saved out
for  a girlfriend/ boyfriend: bought presents, buy puls, treat, and others.
7. Weaken
ing  the power of concentration.
8. Eliminating the loyalty in married couple. It can be the quarrels and murder, just because of past hobbies in dating.