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Kamis, 20 September 2012

Be Happy as an English Teacher

As  an English second language teacher, Mas Katno Giri tries to be happy in teaching and learning English. Even though  he is not smart enough, but he is able to motivate  his student and himself to be better. He states that  Teaching English is time and energy-intensive.

As an English teacher  experience different events everday. sometimes bad, sometimes good or  funny. And we get affected by our school life carrying it in our private lives.We'd better get used to live with it or change our approaches to be HAPPY
We  should;
- find magic ways to motivate the ones  and ourselves.
- ignore your ''course book''(If you teach in a state school:)
- have fun with any game that little monsters want to play over and over without a slight sign of boredom
- act like a singer,actor,author, a friend  and a little kid..
- preapare yourself to meet overinterested / uninterested / interesting parents
- have enough eqipment and ICT tools in your classes
- learn to be patient or patient
- bear with usual dialogues produced half in Indonesian  and half in English
- smile at  students who did not do their homework, maybe electricity went off ..
- have fun while spending your time with colourful papers,pictures,stickers,worksheets and games
- Share your experiences with your collegues esp. teachers of foreign languages.
- have always a hope inside you for the moment all students become a perfect learners.
- have a reason to teach and and give them a reason to learn