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Kamis, 08 November 2012

EAGER FOR A CHANGE by MasSukatno Giri

How hard my life was. Really, when I was young I did not have a chance to be confident. One of the reasons, I did not find a qualified teacher to educate and lead me to be more confident. So I became poor identity and useless.

  Even though it was only a past, but needed to criticize that our teachers, our lecturers must learn more how to educate people.

Now, I am a teacher. I should be different from my past teachers. I must be eager to change. YES WE CAN.

How should the real teacher behave?
A teacher should be an experienced and knowledgeable mentor who has the training and wisdom to guide a student along a path of personal discovery. A teacher should provides a road map to the student so that he or she can thread their way to a destination where they achieve richer fuller rewards in their own lives. 
The value of the excellent personality has been implanted to students. So they feel that everybody must have their own excellence. They should be guided to appreciate and accept their own strength and weaknesses. Because there is no a perfect man in the world, however they can be better caused by learning and learning.