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Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

LEARNING TO BE SUCCESSFUL summarized by Maskatno from Davin Korn's paper

I am really  sure that every people want to be successful.  Learning   is the  main  key to achieve  success.  Learning to be successful can help us in all areas of life. Being a successful individual means achieving the desired outcomes. There are different ways of measuring success. In  general, most people want to be successful at what they do. Being seen as a successful person means that others will give attention to them. Therefore, many wish to achieve this desired result in their life.

In order to be successful,  we  must know our traits. Exploiting  our  positive traits to the best of  our  ability can yield success. Discovering our talents is a great way to achieve the level of success  we want. Once us discover our abilities,  we  can use them to our advantage. It will require work and dedication, but over time the chances of success improves. The idea is to not give up and have good staying power.

Gaining success means taking action. Knowing who  we  are is a good way to become successful. But, actually taking the initiative to doing something is what counts. Applying ourself over and over will lead to greater chances of success. Trying and practicing are essential ingredients towards the road to success. After  we  tried something we  can determine if that is the right path for us.

Learning from others is a good way to become successful. Seeing what people experience and how they got there will give us an idea about how they became successful. In addition, surrounding our self with successful people will help to give us motivation. By seeing what people do, this gives us a path to follow on the road to success. Having some guidance along the way is helpful towards achieving our goal.

Successful people are looked up to in society. Even though it is ok to fail, there is generally a stigma associated with it. Many people don’t want to be seen as failures nor do they want to fail the people they care about. Therefore, being successful is important. Also, as mentioned before, success is measured in many different ways. One’s success can be seen as a failure to another. It is a good idea to keep in mind that it is relative to perception. However, success usually is not out of reach.